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Gravity ages the face and neck in many distinct ways. Neck aging in particular, often manifests before facial aging with one of the most common early signs of aging being loss of well-defined neck contour.

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3 Signs of Aging At The Neck

There are three distinct visible signs of aging at the neck:

The emergence of lower facial fat is most often characterized by the formation of a "double chin" and loss of neck contour.

Loose neck muscles appear when the platysma muscle that provides support becomes weak with age and splits, creating platysma bands. The platysma bands create a cord-like appearance most often associated with neck aging.

Loose neck skin adds insult to injury. As collagen and elastin are depleted in the aging process, the skin becomes loose and saggy.

What Is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, improves the appearance of aging from the jawline to the collarbone. Excess skin and fat are removed and the loose neck muscles are tightened. Well-done neck lift surgery will restore a youthful appearance by thinning a heavy neck, removing excess skin, and tightening the muscle to eliminate platysma bands. The result is restoring an elegant neck contour that compliments a patient's face

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How Is A Neck Lift Done?

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All three components are typically addressed:

-First, liposuction is used to remove excess fat.

-Incisions are made around the ear lobule and behind the ear to remove excess neck skin.

-An incision is made just under the chin to tighten the platysma neck muscle: corset platysmaplasty.

Once the procedure is complete, the area is wrapped in a compression garment for optimal healing.

The Non-surgical Neck Lift

There are nonsurgical options that both contour the neck and remove excess skin and fat. A lot of times patients are not quite ready for surgery, and procedures like neck liposuction and radio frequency offer solutions that treat mild to moderate aging in patients with good skin quality.

VASER® ultrasound liposuction is typically used to evenly remove excess fat while firming the skin. The ultrasound component emits a gentle heating with less force than traditional liposuction that results in less bruising, swelling, and downtime.

For additional skin tightening, we use a technology called FaceTite® that uses Radio frequency-assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) technology. FaceTite® safely superheats the skin creating a controlled thermal effect provides a greater degree of skin retraction and tightening for a more contoured neck.

What's The Difference Between A Neck Lift and Full Facelift?

A facelift rejuvenates the entire face from the temples to the collar bone and includes the neck. In my practice, a face lift includes the neck. A facelift does not typically include the brow, but patients with a saggy brow can have brow lifting surgery in tandem with a facelift.

A standalone neck lift procedure treats the area from the jawbone extending down to the collar bone. The neck lift can be done separately from a facelift or in combination with other procedures like eyelid surgery.

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Does A Neck Lift Improve Loose Skin At The Jowls?

In most cases the jowls are typically addressed with a facelift.

However, when there is slight jowl laxity, a neck lift can be modified to address the jowls by extending the incision line slightly to hug the tragus at the inner ear so that the lower facial muscle called the SMAS can be elevated.

How Do I Tell If I Need A Neck Lift or Just Lipo?

There are many factors to consider, and a lift versus lipo is weighed on a case by case basis. Oftentimes younger patients with good skin retraction and no visible platysma bands benefit from neck liposuction.

Older patients with crepey, loose skin, loose neck muscles, fatty deposits and vertical banding at the neck are best suited for a neck lift. Also, patients with greater amounts of fat will likely need skin removal with a neck lift once the fat is removed.

For very mild cases of simple submental fat just below the chin, Kybella can be considered.

What Neck Surgery Won't Correct

It is important to consider facial harmony when considering procedures. When an isolated neck lift is performed in a patient with moderate to advanced facial aging, the result will appear mismatched. You will be much happier and have a much more beautiful result when both areas are addressed.

How Much Is A Neck Lift In Dallas?

A neck lift is about $7500 and includes the plastic surgeon’s fee, operating room, anesthesia, and post surgery supplies/compression wrap.

Am I A Good Candidate For Neck Lift Surgery?

Good candidates for a neck lift are patients with no significant medical issues and are in good health. Patients should not smoke or use nicotine products or diet pills. Plan for a few days of rest before resuming your normal activities.

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How To Prepare For Neck Lift Surgery

Day of Surgery

Your neck surgery will take about two hours to complete. You'll arrive at our fully accredited surgery to meet with our board-certified anesthesiologists and O.R. team to begin your pre-op. Once you wake from the procedure, our team will keep you in recovery until you are fully cleared to return home. Your head and neck will be wrapped in a compression garment for the first day.

For our out of town patients, we offer an overnight stay in our recovery center, Cloister. Booking is based on availability.


Your neck will be sore for the first few days. You will be prescribed medication to ease your discomfort. We advise that you sleep elevated in a comfortable position to allow your healing to progress smoothly. It's a good idea to have a caregiver assist you for the first few days.

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What Is Neck Lift Recovery Like?

You will notice improvement in your neck immediately following surgery, but there will be mild bruising and swelling. Your sutures will be removed at the end of the first week. Most bruising resolves in about a week and can be easily hidden in most clothing. Swelling may take several weeks to fully resolve. This phase of your healing journey is relatively painless.

How Long Does A Neck Lift Last?

Similar to a facelift, a neck lift should last at least 10 years. Here are some additional things to be consistent with to extend your results:

-Make medical grade skincare a priority

-Avoid prolonged UV exposure and wear an SPF 40+ daily.

-Avoid unhealthy habits that accelerate the aging process.

-Smoking is a big one.maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Another way to look at the longevity of a neck lift is to consider that after your neck lift you will look decades younger. It will take a full 10 years to get back to where your neck began before surgery so in effect you turn back the clock decades and 10 years later your neck will reach your pre-surgery baseline.

How To Tell If I Need A Neck Lift or Facelift?

Honestly, most people would benefit from both being done simultaneously. However, for some, the neck is their primary issue. Those patients who simply want better neck contour might be perfect for just a neck lift. However, if you have facial aging such as cheek and jowl sag, aging of the lower eyelids and cheeks, and deep lines around the mouth and jowls, you’ll likely need a facelift.

Thread Lift Versus Neck Lift?

We can thank med spa marketing and social media for the recent thread lift trend gaining popularity. Thread lifts are not new and have been through many waves of popularity. However, even when well done they lack long-term viability and often last less than 6 months. While neck liposuction is a viable alternative for some patients, thread lifts are likely to fail.

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Plastic Surgery Financing

Neck lift surgery is elective and not covered by insurance.  For those who prefer to review financing options, Dr. Burns' practice recommends financing with CareCredit, Alphaeon, and PatientFi.

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