Medically based skin care is fundamental in maintain a youthful appearance and in reversing many age related changes.  Skin care is a massive industry dominated by marketing with little substance.  It is a widely known fact in the cosmeceutical industry that 90 percent of the budget is spent on marketing and packaging while only 10 percent is spent on the actual skin care product.  One of our goals is to guide our patients towards skin care which has scientific merit and proven outcomes.
Skin care is not something that yields overnight results and the results often take many months to appreciate.  However, if practiced correctly, a good medically based skin care program can have a genuine and lasting effect on your appearance and prevent age related changes from happening prematurely.  
Skin care can also be time consuming and overly costly to maintain which leads to a low compliance rate.  We strive not only to recommend products that are proven to work; but also to give you a program that is easy to follow and can be maintained over time.
With these goals in mind, we would encourage you to consider making skin care a part of your daily routine with a goal of maintaining your youthful appearance and preventing premature aging.  
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our skin care programs with you.  We sell only products which are medically based and can only be purchased through the office of a Board Certified Physician.  For convenience, our skin care products can also be purchased through our online skin care store on our website:

The foundation of any good anti-aging program is medically based skin care.  Skin care is a poorly understood and heavily marketed cosmetic industry.  Some studies demonstrate that up to 90% of the skin care industry budget is spent on packaging and marketing leaving only 10% for the actual skin care product.  

Medically based skin care differs in that peer reviewed research is conducted in a results oriented fashion.  Stronger, bioactive ingredients are used which help with skin tone, texture, pore size, color, and fine lines and wrinkles.  

In addition, all patients are not the same and consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist can help isolate those skin care products which will yield the best results.

Finally, skin care is requires a long term committment to both reverse and prevent the aging process.

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