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PRP Hair Loss Therapy

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How to Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body

Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve those inexplicably trim, toned bodies within just a few months of giving birth? The chances are good that a post-baby makeover plays a role. Many women opt to get a tummy tuck after pregnancy as well as other procedures designed to help restore...

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What Bra Should I Get After Surgery?

What Bra Should I Get After Surgery?

Breast augmentation recovery involves following your surgeon’s instructions carefully to avoid complications and give yourself the best possible odds of fast healing. After surgery, the breast incision is covered with a surgical band-aid. It is essential to rest and avoid heavy lifting for some time after your surgery; your doctor will...

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3D Breast Implant Sizing From Home

3D Breast Implant Sizing From Home The most accurate method of implant sizing today is 3D imaging.  Until recently, this required a visit to the office but is now available in the privacy of your own home using the new Natrelle® Breast Visualizer by Crisalix® 

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