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Will My Breast Implants Sag Over Time?

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What Is It? How Can A Tummy Tuck Help

Bye Bye, Diastasis Recti

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Avoiding Counterfeit Botox

Everything You Need To Know & What To Watch For

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Dr. John Burns, MD- The Face of Breast Augmentation 2024

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Refinements in Modern Breast Augmentation: Latest Advances For Optimal Results

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New Trend: Jelly Roll Botox

New Trend: Jelly Roll Botox Jelly rolls are caused by the contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, a circular muscle around the eye that engages when we smile, laugh, or squint. While this can add to the expression and warmth of a smile, some people find jelly rolls aesthetically unpleasing and seek ways to minimize their appearance.

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Hand Rejuvenation 101

Hand Rejuvenation 101 Many women choose to rejuvenate their hands alongside their facelift. This simple and straightforward add-on procedure ensures that their hands also appear youthful, matching the rejuvenated look of their face and neck.

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