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D Magazine's 2023 Best Doctors- Dr. John Burns

D Magazine's 2023 Best Doctors- Dr. John Burns Dallas native and world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John Burns, MD, FACS, is recognized as a 2023 Top Doctor in Dallas by D Magazine.

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Demystifying The Deep Plane Facelift

Demystifying The Deep Plane Facelift The benefits of a deep plane facelift include a more contoured face with reduced soft tissue laxity, as well as improved facial proportions, including elevation of the face and neck. Deep plane facelifts promise superior, longer-lasting, and more natural results. However, this term is so widely used that it has lost its meaning. Dr. Burns sets the record straight here-

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The Hourglass Effect

The Hourglass Effect Reshaping the butt after babies is possible. Even better, you can combine mommy makeover procedures like a tummy tuck and BBL to minimize downtime and restore an hourglass waistline. Here's how.

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