One of the fastest growing segments of the plastic surgery marketplace is with men.  This increase parallels the rise in noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures which limit downtime and offer more subtle and natural results.  Many men seek out procedures to regain a youthful appearance in order to compete in an ever competative youthful marketplace.  

Plastic surgery for men demands expertise in male anatomy and meeting the different expectations of men.  With facial rejuvenation, it is important to achieve a natural result with inconspicuous scar placement and more subtle results.  Body contouring requires somewhat different techniques such as ultrasound or laser assisted liposuction to achieve excellent results.  Regardless, it is important to match the goals and expectations of male patients with their expectations and busy lifestyles.
Botox, Fillers, and Injectables for Men Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation for Men Facelift/Necklift for Men
Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty for Men Eyelid Rejuvenation/Blepharoplasty for Men Chin Shaping/Genioplasty for Men
Hair Restoration for Men/SmartHair Restoration Center Liposuction and Body Contouring for Men Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia Treatment for Men