April 2023

Getting The Hourglass Effect-
Keys To Better Body Contour

The Hourglass Effect

One of the most common requests I get when discussing a mommy makeover is getting an hourglass figure. Pregnancy and childbirth stretch both the outer skin AND the inner core muscles. This translates into a more rectangular body shape and diminished feminine contour.

For most moms, getting back their hourglass shape typically requires two simultaneous plastic surgery procedures: a tummy tuck and liposculpture, where loose skin and fat are removed and sometimes repositioned to shape the waist. Traditional liposuction entails adding tumescent fluid to the fat and then suctioning out the fat. Dr. Burns uses an additional step with VASER ultrasound where the fat is treated with ultrasound energy. This liquefies the fat making extraction a smoother, less painful, and less traumatic process. The ultrasound energy also tightens the skin creating a smoother appearance than traditional liposuction.

The Hourglass Tummy Tuck

With a tummy tuck, the core abdominal muscles are tightened and excess skin is removed to flatten the abdomen. The most common method is by sewing the abdominal muscles together in the middle from the rib cage to the pubic bone. This is called rectus plication and will tighten the abdominal wall, but does not produce an hourglass silhouette in every body type.

The waist can be further tightened on the sides using 2 additional vectors where the oblique muscles are tightened to further narrow the waistline. This is called a 3 vector plication or “corset plication.” This will give a more hourglass shape by cinching in the waistline to produce a narrow waist and corset-like effect. To begin the procedure, an individual's anatomy is closely marked, highlighting areas that will be removed in the tummy tuck itself, followed by the next step: high-definition liposuction.

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Hourglass Tummy Tuck Results by Dr. John Burns

Hourglass Tummy Tuck with Lipo 360 by Dr. John Burns
Before & After Hourglass Tummy Tuck by Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Burns
Before & After Hourglass Tummy Tuck by Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Burns
Before & After Hourglass Tummy Tuck by Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Burns
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Contour Combo: Liposuction

Sometimes a tummy tuck is not enough. While some plastic surgeons will perform lipo to the upper and lower abs, they fail to address pockets of fat stored at the love handles and back. Dr. Burns includes lipo of the flanks and back as a standard in all of his abdominoplasty procedures because it produces a more beautiful result from a 360 view. By removing the unwanted fat that sits on top of the hips, love handles, and low back, total waistline slimming is accomplished. Suctioning out fat and slimming the appearance of the waistline keeps the hips and midsection at more even proportions, creating a unique hourglass body shape for each individual.

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Repurposing Your Fat- Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

A Brazilian butt lift, or butt augmentation, can be performed for women who either need help shaping their butt or who desire better buttock contour. In a fat transfer BBL, Dr. Burns will harvest and purify the fat taken from the abs, love handles, and back to re-inject and shape the buttocks.

The Skinny BBL

Dr. Burns' philosophy concerning buttock augmentation using fat centers around achieving favorable shape over size. He is well known for his “Skinny BBL” where the fat is carefully placed in lower volume to improve deficits in buttock tissue, eliminate hip dips, and add feminine volume and roundness. Creating a round shape to the buttocks provides a nice contrast and enhanced hourglass shape.Women also have the advantage of having a butt that fits their frame, rather than the exaggerated and overly curvaceous butt that has become passe.


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Getting the 3 in 1 For An Hourglass Finish

It is possible to have a tummy tuck, lipo 360, and a BBL at the same time. This is advantageous for several reasons: one procedure and one anesthesia with one recovery time. Also, the fat removed with the tummy tuck can be used instead of discarding it only to wish you had used it later on.The anterior abdomen and posterior butt make positioning during recovery can be challenging, as we don’t want you to lay on your back or front. You’ll need to lay on your side when sleeping and take care to sit on a soft surface while healing. With this simple protocol, the hourglass mommy makeover is a one-stop miracle.

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