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Upper Lip Lift

Full lips are a sign of youth and vitality.  As we age, the upper lip becomes longer, hiding the central upper teeth (central incisors), and causing the upper lip to roll inward and appear thinner.  Normally, with the lips at rest, there should be 1 - 2 mm of the central teeth showing.  With age, as the lip elongates, the upper lip will hide the teeth giving the face an older appearance and the upper lip will appear to roll inward.  When you relax your lips and don't see your upper teeth and your upper lip appears thin then you'd likely be an excellent candidate for a lip lift.

An upper lip is designed to remove a small amount of skin from the upper lip to both "lift" the lip and gently roll the lip outward to give a fuller appearance.  The incision is carefully designed to be hidden in the nasal creases, just inside the nostrils, and at the base of the columella.  It is critical not to remove too much skin because an overly shortened lip will appear abnormal and cause problems with closing the mouth.  For this reason, lip lifts generally only remove a couple of millimeters of skin.

Lip fills can be combined with volume replacement or lip augmentation to plump the lips. This is most commonly done with a soft FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler.  FDA approved options are:  Juvederm, Volbella, or Restylane Kysse.  


Alternatively, your own fat (autologous fat) can be used which gives more volume and lasts longer.  Fat is generally harvested from the inner thigh or lower abdomen, purified, and then re-injected into the lip for lasting, natural volume.  


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