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Meet UPNEEQ®: Your Eyelid Lift In A Drop

Meet UPNEEQ®: Your Eyelid Lift In A Drop

I am pleased to announce that EpiCentre Skin Care and Laser Center in Dallas, Texas is the first medical aesthetics practice in North Texas to offer UPNEEQ® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), 0.1%. UPNEEQ® is the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop that temporarily improves low lying eyelids, known as blepharoptosis in adults, by lifting the upper eye lids to open up and rejuvenated tired-looking eyes.

Who Will Benefit From UPNEEQ® Prescription Eye Drops?

We often have patients who visit our practice with a desire to improve the appearance of droopy eyelids, known as acquired ptosis. Acquired ptosis is actually a very common medical condition that men and women of a certain age battle on a daily basis. It occurs when the upper eyelid muscles stretch and weaken over time, causing the eyelid to droop.  Mature adults with a history of cataract surgery, contact lens wearing, or certain underlying medical conditions may be more likely to have a presence of ptosis due to the excessive tugging on the eyelids.  

Acquired eyelid ptosis is classified as Mild, Moderate, and Severe, as demonstrated in the picture below. Notice the tired-looking, sleepy effect as ptosis progresses.

In addition to making your eyelids look tired and, low-lying eyelids can affect your vision. This results as the heavy upper eyelid reduces the field of vision impacting daily activities such as reading, driving, using a computer, or even looking up.

UPNEEQ® eyelid drops don't replace the need for an upper eyelid lift (upper blepharoplasty). UPNEEQ® is however, an excellent non-surgical alternative for men and women looking for improvement in the appearance of their eyelids who aren't quite yet ready for eyelid lift surgery.

Who Isn't a Candidate for UPNEEQ®?

Sometimes, droopy eyelids can be the result of another underlying or congenital issue. It's important to note, if you have congenital eyelid ptosis, UPNEEQ® will not work for you.  If you are unsure as to the cause of your droopy eyelids, I advise you visit your ophthalmologist to review your medical history and receive an eye exam to rule out any adverse medical conditions.

How does UPNEEQ® work?

UPNEEQ® stimulates Muller's muscle, commonly called the eyelid muscle, to contract and raise the upper eyelid.  UPNEEQ® eyedrops work in as little as 15 minutes and lasts all day for a bright-eyed and more youthful result.  In clinical trials, the average amount of upper eyelid lift was 1mm. 84% of patients noticed a visible improvement in lid ptosis and 74% had more than 50% improvement.  Clinical studies also support an improvement in vision.

How To Use UPNEEQ® Eye Drops

Instructions for application are: one drop a day, one drop per eye. The prescription comes in single patient-use container to ensure proper dose is administered correctly.

What are the common side effects of UPNEEQ®?

1-5% of patients who participated in the study with UPNEEQ® experienced common side effects such as redness of the eyes, dry eye, blurred vision, eye irritation, and headache.

How do I get UPNEEQ®?

UPNEEQ® in not covered by insurance and is available by prescription at EpiCentre Skin Care and Laser Center.  To make filling your prescription easier, UPNEEQ® is also available as a prescription through RVL pharmacy and is delivered directly to you, bypassing the need to go to the pharmacy.



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