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The Top 5
For Dallas Dads

Dallas Dads

In contrast to women, men tend to be more cautious when considering plastic surgery. There is more of a desire to appear natural, and men prefer attracting attention to their overall appearance and confidence rather than a specific area on the body.

That said, men encounter many of the same aging challenges as women, and many options exist to help. In addition, many men seek surgical procedures to stay competitive in today’s job market and to appear “at the top of their game.” With this in mind, here are five popular procedures for today’s Dallas man.

#1: High Definition VASER® Ultrasound Lipo

A man's physique lends to his overall masculine appearance. As a man ages, it can become more difficult to maintain his ideal goal weight. Even with an aggressive diet and exercise program, areas of unwanted fatty tissue can become impossible to control, especially at the chest, love handles, and face. Modern lifestyles with desk jobs, travel, and easily available unhealthy foods contribute to normal weight gain with age.Men tend to gain weight in several distinct areas: neck, chest, abdomen, and flanks/love handles. Fortunately, these areas are very amenable to treatment and respond well to liposuction.

Male Lipo Galleries

Body Contouring for Men

Male liposuction is a popular treatment option because there are no obvious scars and the results are natural. Male fat is much different than female fat which is more easily removed. Male fat is typically encased in fibrous septae which makes it more difficult to remove. VASER ultrasound liposuction is used as a means to pre-treat the fat, allowing for a smoother and more complete removal. Men also appreciate that VASER results in significantly less bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction.

Male Chest
Reduction Using VASER®

I treat hundreds of men each year who want to alleviate a puffy chest for better-shaped pecs. Some battle a little extra fat and others notice an influx in actual breast tissue, even to the point of having male cleavage. While gynecomastia (man boobs) are sometimes treated by surgically removing excess glandular breast tissue, the fatty tissue also responds well with VASER. Men get the three-fold benefit of fat removal, skin firming with VASER ultrasound, and more manly pecs. It's important that your board-certified plastic surgeon performs a proper physical exam to confirm gynecomastia and present the best treatment option.

Male Lipo Candidates

Liposuction is done as an outpatient procedure with a relatively quick recovery. Good candidates are men who are at a stable weight, healthy, with a body mass index (BMI) below 35. Men with a high percentage of “visceral” fat or fat below their abdominal muscles are not good candidates. Also, men who have a substantial tissue or skin overhang are better suited for a tummy tuck/abdominoplasty

#2: Botox and Facial Fillers

Men have a clear advantage over women when it comes to aging. Once initial facial aging sets in, men often notice marked lines at the upper third (forehead, glabella, and crow's feet) of the face. The dynamic expression made by men, particularly brow furrowing, can age a man's face and rob him of a rested appearance.

Botox, or an equivalent neuromodulator such as Dysport or Daxxify, is a simple office procedure that is relatively painless, has no downtime, and takes only a few minutes. By treating the muscles of facial expression, botox naturally eliminates these problematic fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes the skin. It also ups a man's nonverbal communication by taking turning a complex, frustrated, or fatigued look into a refreshed and approachable one.

Botox takes a few days to take full effect and lasts up to 4 months in most cases. Men do require more product with a typical male botox treatment taking about 35 to 50 units in most cases.

Dermal Fillers For Men

Fillers are different than Botox but are administered in much the same way. Fillers are gel-based, composed of hyaluronic acid, lasting between 12 and 24 months. Dermal injections function to soften the depth of deeper skin folds and wrinkles. They can also be used to restore facial volume for men in areas like the temples and chin or augment the facial skeleton at the midface and jawline.

Man treated with Juvederm Volux for chin augmentation and jawline definition.

Learn more about Juvederm here.

Learn more about Restylane here.

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#3: Male Rhinoplasty/Deviated Septum Repair

Men often choose a nose job as a way to improve their overall facial appearance. The nose is the central feature of the face and as such a defining characteristic. Most men seeking rhinoplasty have a larger or bulbous nose and desire a more refined appearance.

Common concerns I'll correct in nose surgery include:

-a dorsal hump
-a downturned tip, or
-a crooked appearance to the nose from previous trauma like a broken nose

No matter the issue, it's important that a man convey their cosmetic concerns to their board-certified plastic surgeon. It is also important that your surgeon assess your breathing, as a septoplasty may be necessary to improve your nasal passages.

A good rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to analyze the nose and formulate a plan to reach the desired aesthetic outcome. 

Also note, when rhinoplasty is considered, it is common to also assess and address the chin to yield well-balanced facial features.

#4: Eyelid Rejuvenation-Male Eyelid Surgery

One of the first signs of aging in men is the changes noticed at the upper eyelids. Around the mid-forties, excess skin of the upper eyelids starts to sag, obliterating the natural upper eyelid crease called the supratarsal crease.

In more advanced cases the loose skin at the upper eyelid can impact vision, causing exacerbated heaviness in the eyes. Correcting these concerns consists of removing excess skin and in some cases fat. An eyelid lift incision is easily hidden in the upper eyelid crease so that it is not visible once healed. A rejuvenated eye area creates a profound yet subtle aesthetic improvement. Men love it most because it takes off the age without drawing attention to having had cosmetic surgery.

Treating Eyebags

With age, the lower eyelids lose normal support, and excess fat in the lower eyelids can bulge out causing telltale lower eyelid “bags.” The transition between the lower eyelids and cheeks becomes more defined with a skin depression called a “tear-trough” deformity. Finally, excess lower eyelid skin can wrinkle and become crepey and older-looking.

Lower blepharoplasty involves removing excess fat and tightening eyelid skin at the lower eyelid area, leaving a smooth transition from the eyelid to the cheek. In lower eyelid surgery, the scar is discreetly placed within the lash line. For men battling the "puppy dog eyes," I'll perform a canthopexy to prevent the sagging and outward turn of the lower lids.

#5: Chin & Jaw Augmentation

A chiseled chin and jaw signal masculinity and attractiveness. A strong male chin is squared with a sharp demarcation between the jaw and neck. An attractive male face is typically square in contrast to a heart-shaped female face. A weak chin and jaw that softly blends into the neck is often viewed as less desirable, and fat at the neck can make a man's profile appear weaker.

My Dallas dads will often elect to have a chin augmentation to balance and strengthen their profile and use an implant. Others will pair both chin and jaw implants to carve out a more masculine jawline.

Facial implants come in a variety of sizes to compliment a man's appearance. We review jaw implants and chin projection in a detailed consultation using 3D software so that measurements and size can be determined to give men the most attractive outcome. For some men, I'll use liposuction to further define the transition at the chin, jaw, and neck.

These procedures represent some of the most common for men. If done correctly, they will improve a man's appearance in ways that are natural-looking, not fake or "done." A more youthful and natural result is always the desired outcome.

Go For It, Dads!

If you're a man considering a cosmetic procedure or injectable treatments, our team is here to help. If you're ready to schedule your complimentary plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Burns, get started here.

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