February 2023

Juvederm VOLUX™ XC

The Powerful New Filler
for Chin and Jaw Augmentation

Juvederm VOLUX™ XC

It's no question that a well-defined jawline is equated with health, attractiveness, and a younger-looking appearance. And we all know that age, facial volume loss, and changes to facial bone structure impact the aging person's ability to maintain a distinct transition from the jawline to the neck. There are also some men and women born with weaker jawlines who need help building a stronger jawline and chin profile.

The cosmetic community has spoken, and Allergan Aesthetics has listened. Our team is thrilled to offer Allergan's newest dermal filler, Juvederm VOLUX™ XC, to patients who have been searching for nonsurgical treatment for either lack of or the gradual loss of jawline definition. 

The Evolution of Facial Fillers

Facial fillers have evolved significantly over the years. Initially, fillers targeted soft tissue folds such as the nasolabial fold and marionette lines. Our understanding of facial aging broadened to include not only soft tissue loss but also loss of muscle and bone. More cohesive fillers were developed, such as VOLUMA™ XC, to add more volume to the mid-face at the cheeks, and thus have a lifting effect.

What is Juvederm VOLUX™ XC?

VOLUX™ XC is the newest in the line of hyaluronic acid Juvederm facial fillers from Allergan, the makers of Botox® Cosmetic. VOLUX™ XC was FDA-approved in August 2022 to augment the jawline and chin.

VOLUX™ XC makes the 6th dermal filler injectable added to the Juvederm line of fillers. It features VYCROSS™ technology which cross-links the hyaluronic acid particles. What does that mean for you? The cross-linked hyaluronic acid in VOLUX™ XC provides more cohesivity and lift, making it ideal for injecting at the facial skeleton, especially at the chin and jawline. The dermal filler provides deep structural support while it enhances jawline contour while lifting slight sag at the area. In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, VOLUX™ XC can be used to precisely build a beautiful jawline and chin profile.The unique consistency of VOLUX™ ensures that the product doesn't blur or spread over time, decreasing the visual impact of the initial injection.

before and after of man and two women treated with Volux XC

What Can Be Treated With VOLUX™ XC? 

VOLUX™ XC is the latest generation filler designed to augment bone. This helps shape the face providing both a more youthful and sculpted result. A weak chin or jaw is particularly concerning for men. Other reasons patients may want to consider jawline or chin filler:

Because it's less permanent than surgical correction and facial implants, thus a great “trial run”

To improve facial symmetry or facial proportions

For men, a strong jawline and/or chin enhances strength/masculinity

To improve chin projection and definition at the chin/neck interface

As part of a liquid facelift for nonsurgical, global facial rejuvenation

The patients you see here were treated using a combination of Voluma XC and VOLUX™ XC for nonsurgical jawline contouring and to add chin projection.

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What Are VOLUX™ XC Patients Saying About The Product?

Juvederm VOLUX™ XC is already receiving rave reviews from people looking for noticeable and minimally invasive results. According to a survey conducted by Allergan Aesthetics, more than 14,000 consumers in 18 countries are increasingly demanding products like Juvederm VOLUX™ XC. Its popularity may be attributed to how it addresses one of the universal issues that people face over time - age-related volume loss of the face.

Allergan data also shows that 95% of those who have tried Juvederm VOLUX™ XC report satisfaction with the results they achieved on their jawline. This versatile product can be used by both men and women and helps them counteract the effects of aging. Whether it is sagging skin or something else that needs correction, Juvederm VOLUX™ XC ensures a remarkable and instant result.

male jawline dermal filler injection with blue surgical gloves

How Is The Treatment Performed?

VOLUX™ XC is done as a quick and simple office procedure taking only about 30 minutes. The effects are immediate and the result lasts 12 to 18 months. Most patients will see significant improvement with a single syringe, while some men may need up to 2-3 syringes for optimal results.

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