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The Complete Guide to Necklifts

The Complete Guide to Necklifts

No amount of diet or exercise can change the appearance of a sagging neck. Nor is a turkey neck easy to hide. Luckily, neck lift surgery offers you the ability to regain your youthful appearance and have a neckline that follows the same contours as it did in your youth. A necklift will reshape your neck and jawline, allowing you to look as refreshed and rejuvenated as you feel. 


Natural Aging 

Throughout your life, you have taken care of your body. One of the toughest areas to control as you age, however, is the neck. As your collagen and elastin production decreases with age, the skin of your neck sags. Without the firm neck you had during your youth, you may appear older.

You may also have a genetic predisposition to a double chin, which lets fat accumulate around your neck. Whatever the reason, getting back the contours of your neck is more accessible than you may realize. 


Areas Targeted During a Necklift

There are three areas that your Dallas plastic surgeon will address with you during your initial consultation. During your discussions, you can share your aesthetic goals. There are different approaches Dr Burns can take depending on if you want to reshape a full chin or eliminate a wobbly neck.

Your loose neck muscles cause what is called the “turkey wattle.” Also, you may have extra fat around your neck that liposuction can address during a necklift procedure, and there may be excess skin that can be trimmed away during surgery.

You may choose to address one area of concern or all of them. A necklift gives you solutions that will take years off your appearance. People will note that you look more rested, without ever realizing that you had surgery. 


The Turkey Wattle

To correct sagging skin, Dr Burns makes a small incision in your chin and behind your ears to access the neck muscle. You may have part of the neck muscle removed, or he may use sutures will hold the tissue in place. 

Discuss if you would like to be asleep during the procedure. General anesthesia is available, as is local anesthesia, with medication to sedate you. 

Excess Fat 

Liposuction is available to remove excess fat around your neck, and Dr Burns can combine the two procedures, often beginning with the liposuction. 

The liposuction improves the fullness underneath your chin and refines the jawline to bring balance to your facial features. You are a candidate for liposuction if your skin has good elasticity, but most patients into their fifties will want to combine it with the necklift. 

Removing Excess Skin

Removing the excess skin during neck lift surgery gives you a smoother, firmer, and more defined neckline.  After trimming the skin, Dr Burns will lift it into place, and then secure it with tissue glue. You may have dissolvable stitches or stitches that we will remove when you return for a post-operative visit. 

Preparation Before Neck Lift Surgery

During your consultation with Dr Burns, you will discuss your goals, and you and he will decide on the procedures that best suit your desires. It is essential to follow our instructions in preparation for surgery to avoid any complications. 

You will have to stop using any medications that thin your blood before the procedure since you want to avoid increased bleeding. It is imperative to refrain from smoking two weeks before and after the surgery to ensure that your body heals properly. If you keep a healthy diet up to and after the procedure, it encourages faster recovery. Wear loose-fitting clothes with openings in the front avoid the need to lift anything over your head.

Before you leave for surgery, prepare items you’ll want at home during recuperation like ice packs, gauze, and a thermometer. Antibacterial ointment is useful to avoid issues with your incisions. 

Ensure that your work or family know that you will need a few days off to recover. You’ll want someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours upon returning home. The surgery is on an outpatient basis, but you must be attentive to your needs when you leave the surgery center. 


The Recovery Process

You’re on the home stretch. As the swelling and bruising subside, you will see visible improvements. One of the advantages of neck lift surgery is that there is a short recovery period. Returning to work is possible within several days after the procedure. There is also minimal scarring. The incisions aren’t noticeable in the hairline, under the chin, or behind the ears. Most observers of your refreshed look will not guess that you have had a necklift. 

We recommend that you refrain from over strenuous athletic activities for several weeks. If you walk or hike at a slow pace, it keeps the blood circulating without raising your blood pressure, which may deter a quick recovery. 


The Results

You did the research, found the best Dallas plastic surgeon, and followed the guidelines before and after your procedure, and now the results are your reward. As the effects of the surgery subside over the first few weeks, you’ll see your neck wrinkles and creases become smoother, your turkey neck and vertical neckbands disappear. 

It is especially exciting to know that the final results are long-lasting. Your confidence will sore as you see the new you looking back at yourself in the mirror. 

We are excited to work with you to meet all your goals. Dr Burns is the best in the business and will ensure that you have the highest quality attention to detail for which he is renowned. Contact us to set up a consultation or to ask any questions you have.