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Most Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

Most Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

The overwhelming majority of women who undergo breast augmentation believe they made an excellent decision. Self-confidence soars after the procedure, and you want to get out and about as soon as possible. 

The most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation focus on when you can resume your active lifestyle. You want to recuperate and recover from breast augmentation surgery as efficiently and quickly as possible. 


What to Expect Immediately After Surgery

Everyone is different. What you must do immediately after the procedure, however, is rest. The success of your surgery is proportional to your adherence to recovery guidelines. For the first two days after surgery, plan on relaxing in bed or on the sofa. Your body was under a lot of stress during the procedure. Your chest may feel tight as the skin adjusts to the implants, leaving you with some soreness. There could be swelling and mild bruising, as well. 

You can remove the dressings after 24 hours, and you will want to keep your bathing to showers for the first two weeks. 


Bras to Wear After Breast Augmentation

It is critical to wear post-operative compression undergarments during the day and at night to ensure excellent results. Surgical bras keep your breasts secure and speed up healing. They help minimize swelling, reduce the risk of infection, and support the placement of your implants. It’s essential to wear the surgical bra for at least two weeks after surgery and then change to a sports bra. None of the bras should have an underwire because they can irritate your incisions. Also, choose one with a front closure so that it is easier to take on and off without unnecessary stretching. Remember that your new breasts are heavier, and so you want to find a bra that keeps them high on your chest. 

Your bra should provide your  breasts with support, compression, and comfort. If you focus on these three factors, you’ll avoid any possibility of aesthetic defects could develop. 


When Can I Exercise after Breast Augmentation?

You’re quite excited to get back to your daily run or return to the gym or tennis court. Before you dash off, however, understand that returning to heavy exercises too soon after surgery can cause your breast implants to move. You want to avoid any activity that could make your breast asymmetrical, and you don’t want to increase the potential of bruising, soreness, or swelling. 

During the first week after breast augmentation surgery, begin a daily walk routine. It improves blood circulation. Since you don’t want to raise your heart rate too high after surgery, be sure to keep a slow pace for the first few days. 

It takes one to two weeks after the stress of surgery to return energy levels to normal. After two weeks, add light cardio by picking up the pace of your walks, adding an incline on the treadmill, or cycling on a stationary bike. In time, you can add the stair stepper or elliptical. 

Please don’t lift anything over ten pounds for the first few weeks, whether you are in the gym or the grocery store. Begin lower-body weights after a month, but it should be two months before you start upper-body workouts. Also, wait two months before you swim laps or tread water in the pool.

You must avoid contact sports for two months, which is how long to take to be fully healed, and you can exercise without restrictions. 


Traveling after Breast Surgery

Avoid any travel for the first week after breast augmentation surgery. It is a critical time when infections can develop. Plus, you don’t want to miss your post-operative appointment with your doctor. We invite you to stay at the Cloisters Postoperative Recovery Facility after your procedure, which you will find adjacent to our office. Avoid local air travel for one to two weeks after surgery, and six weeks for international travel.  

Travel isn’t just about flying from point A to point B. It also entails lifting luggage and rushing to catch a flight, which can elevate blood pressure or increase the heart rate. Sitting on a plane can raise your chance of developing a blood clot, and air travel can cause dehydration. We want you to return to your daily life as quickly as possible.


Breastfeeding after Breast Surgery

Most women can breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery. Discuss with your doctor where he or she will make the incision, and if the location of the implant. Incisions that are made under the breast or in your armpit don’t interfere with breastfeeding. Implants that reside behind the milk glands or under the chest muscles don’t affect the milk supply and offer few complications for breastfeeding. 

The choices you make before surgery can impact milk production when it is time to breastfeed. Your doctor can guide you on the best decisions for your specific needs. 


Little Post-Operative Tips

Treat yourself well. You’ve taken a big step, and by taking time to recuperate, you’ll see amazing results. Good sleep is essential after surgery, and how you sleep after breast augmentation surgery can make a difference in your recovery. Sleep on your back and lay slightly upright. This position can help reduce swelling and enhance circulation. 

Eating well after surgery helps speed up your recovery. Stock your kitchen with nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and the protein from chicken, fish, eggs, beans, soy, or grains aids in repairing tissues. Keep hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. If you eat small meals frequently, you’ll give your body time to recover the energy necessary to digest the food. 

Relax and enjoy your short recuperation period. Before long, you’ll be back in action, and it will be sooner than you expected because you followed all the post-operative guidelines to enhance your recovery. 

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