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4 Treatments To Leave You Feeling Camera-Confident Before Christmas

4 Treatments To Leave You Feeling Camera-Confident Before Christmas

The holiday season is ramping up and we're all getting ready to reconnect with family and friends at Christmas and New Year's gatherings and events. It's hard to believe, but for some of us, this will be the first time in a year, maybe even two, that we've actually seen coworkers and friends in person! We all want to look and feel our best for those moments, and especially for the selfies and photos that come along with them.  It's why we're reviewing our four most popular cosmetic treatments to freshen up your look, just in time for party season.

Botox Injections To Reduce Wrinkles

Dim lighting and weak phone camera flashes can make slightly visible wrinkles, well, more visible. Thank goodness there's Botox Cosmetic. Botox works differently than dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane which are designed to fill areas of volume loss. Botox was designed to soften the movement causing wrinkles while smoothing your skin so that your expressions are more relaxed and refreshed, not "done".  

FDA-approved areas for Botox treatments include:

-Crow's feet
-Glabella (known as "elevens")

Other popular areas where you could see an improvement with Botox include the jawline for jawline slimming; the chin to reduce chin dimpling, the upper lip (known as the lip flip) to create more fullness at the upper lip, and the neck bands to soften an aging neck. 

Botox treatments are known for minimizing the appearance of aging. Once injected, Botox takes 10-14 days to take its full effect on your wrinkles. Plan to schedule your treatment as soon as you're ready so you're looking your best in time for your holiday event.

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Reduce Dreaded Skin Sag With Dermal Fillers 

Volume loss and facial fat descending are a natural part of the aging process that often make us look tired or older than we actually are, especially in photos. Dermal fillers are an excellent treatment to restore depleted volume without overfilling aging areas (think under your eyes, at the smile lines and cheeks, and the corners of your mouth). Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is the water molecule that gives your skin its natural plump.  You get peace of mind knowing that the product is natural, plus the added benefit of looking younger.

When dermal fillers first received FDA clearance, our options for treating different areas of the face were limited. Now plastic surgeons have a portfolio of dermal fillers designed to treat specific concerns at unique areas of the face to give a soft, natural, and rejuvenated appearance. 

When planning for your holiday parties, schedule your dermal filler 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure that temporary swelling has resolved and that you love your final look.

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Lip Augmentation Made For Mistletoe

Whether you're a lip augmentation newbie or a lip filler pro, holiday parties are a perfect reason to re-contour thin lips or enhance the border of a naturally fuller lip.  And because holiday parties are an ideal time to wear more vibrant lip colors, a lip augmentation by a board-certified plastic surgeon really just makes sense.

Juvederm® or Restylane Kysse® are ideal for plumping lips, while fillers like Juvederm Volbella® and Vollure® were designed for adding subtle definition to your lip line (vermillion border) or smoothing tributary lines (think smoker's lines) around the mouth.

To achieve more complete facial rejuvenation, it's common for people to have their lips injected while getting their Botox treatment. Just remember, because lips tend to swell more after a dermal filler treatment,  it's best to stop blood thinners and alcohol 24 hours prior to your injection appointment. If you're concerned about bruising or swelling, purchase Arnica Montana to take 1-2 days before your lip filler appointment. 

To learn more about dermal fillers, click here.


BroadBand Light For A Beautiful Skin Glow

With all of the lasers available in the medspa market today, it can be confusing to know which one will give you the best results for the best value. Ultimately, it boils down to knowing where you'd like to see the biggest improvement with your skin, and our skin experts at EpiCentre Skin Care & Laser Center are set up to take care of you. EpiCentre boasts cutting-edge technology in the most advanced laser therapy for cosmetic rejuvenation on the face and body, including an all-time patient-favorite called BBL HERO. 

BBL Hero was designed to fade the appearance of unwanted pigment in the skin (think sun damage, age spots, skin redness, and more) while also improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin texture.  Other BBL treatments work only for the face, BBL Hero is designed for use on the body, making it perfect for blending skin tone on the décollete, shoulders, back arms, and hands, so that your skin looks amazing in those holiday evening gowns and cocktail dresses. 

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Just A Phone Call Away From Camera-Confidence 

For those wanting to make the most of holiday time, togetherness, and photo ops, these nonsurgical cosmetic treatments are sure to help you look and feel your best and be camera-confident in little to no time.  If you'd like Dr. Burns or our EpiCentre team to lend a hand in helping you get there, we invite you to reach out to us to get started.


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