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Pick the Perfect Breast Implants At Home with This 3D Imaging App

Pick the Perfect Breast Implants At Home with This 3D Imaging App

If you're considering breast augmentation, you likely have a lot of questions that range from implant selection to cost and recovery. It's important to have all of your questions addressed by your plastic surgeon of choice so that you feel comfortable and even excited about your decision to have cosmetic surgery. We recognize that even after your plastic surgery consultation, there can still be an element of uncertainty in wondering what individual results will look like.

Some of the most common questions we review in our cosmetic consultations are related to breast implant size, styles, profiles of breast implants, and what the final surgical outcome will look like. In fact, these are some of the most commonly overheard questions in our practice about breast implant surgery specifically:


"What will these implants look like in my body?"

"Will my breast augmentation results look natural?"

"Will silicone breast implants look different than saline breast implants?"

"How will I look from the side?"

"Will 500cc breast implants fit my frame?"


Of course, a skilled and trained board-certified plastic surgeon can attempt to describe the results to you, and it's important to review your selected surgeon's portfolio of breast augmentation photos to ensure he or she has ample diverse experience. But because breast implant selection is much more involved than what most patients might expect, and because every patient has unique anatomy and goals, it can still be challenging to visualize the results for yourself. Until now.


See Your Future Results With 3D Imaging Technology

You can now address appearance-related questions using new technology available to patients called Crisalix. Crisalix 3D and others (Vectra XT, New Look Now, etc.) are designed to help patients visualize a sneak peek of their plastic surgery results.

Crisalix 3D imaging technology simulates what you can expect your breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures (Facelift, tummy tuck, BBL, and more) to look like. Patients can select customizations for the type of breast implant (saline or silicone gel), size of implant, and breast implant profile. 

Users create an account, sign in and upload three photos of their breast anatomy directly to the app. Crisalix provides virtually limitless combinations of options using every breast implant available on the market today (Allergan, Mentor, Ideal, and Sientra). Users can also review before and after results side-by-side, rotating angles for comparison to determine which results they like best. 


Does 3D Imaging Technology Really Work?

According to Crisalix, 98% of users recommend the 3D image app to friends.

After analyzing data relating to Crisalix, professionals at the National Center for BioTechnology confirm that Crisalix "offers a good overall 3D simulated image of post-operative breast augmentation outcomes." 


Virtual Plastic Surgery Is Not Plastic Surgery

We should mention that while Crisalix imaging will help overcome doubts or concerns about your results, your board-certified plastic surgeon will tell you that it in no way guarantees your results. Do your research. Interview and thoroughly vet out your plastic surgeon so that you can have peace of mind and confidence about your procedure.


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