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The Male Facelift

The Male Facelift

When it comes to men seeking facelift rejuvenation, the underlying reasons often intertwine with a desire to maintain their competitive edge and masculine appearance in both their professional and personal lives.

Why Do Men Opt For Facelift Surgery?

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Youthful Appearance

Just like their female counterparts, men wish to combat the visible signs of aging. A facelift offers a refreshed, rejuvenated look that aligns with how they feel internally.


Maintaining A Competitive Edge

In today's competitive work environment, looking youthful and energetic can play a pivotal role. For many men, a facelift isn't just about vanity; it's about projecting vitality and dynamism in professional settings.


Personal Relationships

In some instances, men may find themselves in relationships with younger partners. While age is just a number, a facelift can bridge perceived gaps for men, giving them an appearance that more closely matches that of their significant other.

Male Versus Female Anatomy

Male versus Female Facial Anatomy.png__PID:b57a5c47-25bf-4666-b959-46e1bb65edac

Female faces are heart-shaped; widest at the cheekbones and tapering to a delicate chin. In contrast, male faces are square with wide-set temples and jaws; accentuated by a strong chin. Understanding how to achieve optimal facial aesthetics for men is critical to avoid feminizing a male face with a facelift.

Men typically have thicker and oilier skin and require more strategic cuts and precise suturing so as not to create an overly tight or “stretched” appearance after the procedure. In addition, since men tend to have a stronger bone structure, this can lead to greater difficulty in achieving desired results, meaning plastic surgeons must take extra care in planning the operative approach for each individual case. With professional skill and an expert eye for detail, men can rest assured that their plastic surgeons are well-equipped to address their specific needs throughout the facelift procedure.

What Men Most Commonly Want To Address

Aging Face- Gravitational Descent
  • Sagging skin and loss of sharp contour at the jawline.
  • Deep folds, smile lines, and jowls.
  • Facial volume loss with hollowing at midface.
  • A turned-down smile.
  • Loose skin and concentrated fat deposits at the neck.

You've probably seen a bad male facelift just as you have likely seen a bad female facelift. They typically manifest in what social media calls "trout mouth", pixie ears, and a face that is pulled too tight. A good male facelift result is more challenging to spot. It boils down to 6 key considerations an experienced plastic surgeon must make when designing a man's facelift. 

VIew Facelift Results

1st Consideration: The Hairline

For our male patients considering a facelift, precision is paramount, especially given the common short hairstyles many men prefer. Let's delve into the intricacies.

Hair & Incisions

Unlike many women who have the advantage of a discreet tragus (a small cartilage bump by the ear canal), men present a unique challenge due to hair-bearing skin. It's essential to maintain a clean look. Therefore, we strategically place the incision just ahead of the ear, precisely where the hair meets the non-hair-bearing skin, ensuring a seamless transition and preventing any hair disturbance.

Ear Contouring

A man's beard offers a distinctive contouring challenge, particularly around the ear area. The incision along the sideburns remains minimal, only enough to address excess skin while preserving the natural aesthetic.

Behind-the-Ear (Post-Auricular) Approach

When it comes to the incision behind the ear, our approach aligns it with the back scalp hairline. This technique ensures there's no visible discrepancy or step-off at the posterior hairline, maintaining a harmonious appearance.

In essence, male facelifts demand meticulous planning and execution. Rest assured, our approach balances both aesthetic aspirations and anatomical nuances, ensuring optimal results tailored to each individual's needs.

Male Facelift SMASectomy- Dr. John Burns MD in Dallas, Texas.png__PID:419f4a3f-bd78-4809-bddd-bb7b4c9dbffb

2nd Consideration: 
Male SMASectomy

The SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) serves as the foundational deep tissue layer of the face, crucially addressed in facelift procedures. Here's the nuanced approach for our male patients:

Thickness Variance

Men inherently possess a denser SMAS layer than women. This distinction necessitates a tailored technique to achieve optimal results while preserving natural aesthetics.

Lateral SMASectomy

Given the thicker SMAS in males, our preferred method often involves a lateral SMASectomy. This approach selectively removes a portion of the SMAS layer during tightening, as opposed to merely suturing it together, a procedure known as SMAS plication. By executing a lateral SMASectomy, we ensure a smoother facelift outcome, eliminating unnecessary bulk. This refined technique not only addresses the unique anatomical nuances of male facial structure but also delivers a precise tightening and lifting effect.

In summary, the male SMASectomy technique acknowledges the distinct characteristics of male facial anatomy, offering a refined approach that harmoniously balances structural integrity with aesthetic enhancement.

3rd Consideration: Bleeding

Addressing the unique challenges posed by male facial anatomy requires innovation and precision. Here's a detailed look at our approach:

Hair-Bearing Skin & Bleeding

The inherent nature of male facial skin, being hair-bearing, presents a heightened susceptibility to bleeding during facelift procedures. This characteristic complexity demands a meticulous surgical strategy.

Tranexamic Acid (TXA) Advancement

Recognizing this challenge, the recent integration of Tranexamic Acid (TXA) into male facelift surgery marks a significant advancement. TXA operates by stabilizing blood platelets thus reducing excessive bleeding. This ensures a smoother surgical experience with better outcomes for both the surgeon and patient.

4th Consideration: Fat grafting

Incorporating fat transfer alongside a facelift procedure represents a cornerstone of contemporary facial rejuvenation techniques. In my practice, I call this "The Lift & Fill Facelift." 

Volume Restoration

As time progresses, the natural aging process leads to a loss of facial volume, accentuating signs of aging. The artful integration of fat transfer with a facelift serves to replenish this lost volume, effectively revitalizing your facial contours in places like the cheeks, jawline, and chin.

Taking a Gender-specific Approach with Fat Placement

In female facelift surgery, Fat grafting is designed to reveal the desired heart-shaped face. In male facelift surgery, we strive to restore and/or create masculine features by re-volumizing facial areas that have become depleted with age. The approach focuses on reinforcing the jawline and chin. By strategically addressing regions such as the lower eyelids and areas around the mouth, including the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, we effectively counteract the gravitational effects of aging, restoring a more youthful and defined appearance.

Age Progression of Man

5th Consideration:The Male Brow

The brow line itself is unique to men. There are:

Brow Arch Dynamics

Unlike the often desired arched brow in women, the masculine aesthetic typically leans towards a straight, horizontal brow line for men. Elevating the brows in men, unless addressing pronounced hooding, can inadvertently introduce femininity by creating an arched appearance.

Strategic Incision & Skin Management

To preserve the inherently masculine straightness of male brows, our brow lift approach focuses on judicious incision placement around the temples and brow area. By strategically limiting incisions and minimizing skin excision, we ensure a naturally straight and masculine brow contour while concurrently maintaining discreet incision visibility.

In essence, our tailored technique for male facelifts respects and enhances the distinct masculine features, ensuring a harmonious balance between rejuvenation and preserving authentic facial characteristics and a natural appearance.

Less Tension, Better Result

For male facelift patients, employing a deep plane technique demands a thoughtful approach. It's essential to ensure that minimal skin is removed, allowing the skin to naturally re-drape without tension before any excision. This methodology will ensure that masculine facial contours are respected and the results lift a man's confidence and masculinity.

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