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The Dallas Lip Flip:  Elevate Your Lipscape

Think of a pleasant person you know who might have a permanent frown on her face.  She's probably in her late 40s up to her late 50s. Her lipscape probably has some, although minimal volume to the center of her lips, but the volume disappears as you move to the corners of her mouth. She might even be compensating for the loss of volume by drawing on the corners of her lips with a lip liner. Either way, she's an excellent candidate for the new Dallas lip flip.  We're giving you all of the details about the procedure below!

What are oral commissures?

dallas lip lift, oral commissures  

Oral commissures are the corners of the mouth, at the point where the upper and lower lips meet. When facial aging happens, collagen and elastin start to diminish around the mouth, and lines can develop around this area of the face, from the oral commissures, making the volume loss at the area more visible. It's often noticed as shadows around the mouth in pictures and on camera in Zoom meetings.


What is the Dallas Lip Flip?

The Dallas Lip Flip, or oral commissuroplasty, is ideal for patients where there is a presence of drooping at the corners of the lip, impacting resting facial expression. Most people refer to this look as the "frowny face", "RBF", but in plastic surgery, we refer to it as marionette lines, a.k.a. infracommissural folds. 


How Is The Dallas Lip Flip Different From A Traditional Lip Lift?

Traditional lip lifts have focused more on the central upper lip removing skin through a well-concealed incision just under the nose:  If you have a long upper lip, a traditional lip lift is the procedure for you. The central lip lift, however, does not rejuvenate the oral commissures at the corner of the mouth. Enter The Dallas Lip Flip.

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How is the Full Dallas Lip Flip Performed?

In this procedure, a small incision is made at the outer corner of each upper lip line in order to reduce a permanent frown. The incision hugs the junction of the pink vermillion border of the lips and normal skin removing just enough skin to lift the corners of the mouth.  A deeper stitch is also placed to elevate the lip muscle and add longevity to the procedure.  

A well-done corner lip lift can have a very positive effect on your appearance.  Not only will it give a subtle but noticeable rejuvenating effect but it can also give your face a generally more youthful appearance without a gummy smile by eliminating the appearance of a frown.  


Candidates For The Dallas Lip Flip

The Dallas Lip Flip is an ideal procedure for anyone who desires a longer-lasting solution for their lip droop and frown. Some patients prefer the simple procedure to hyaluronic acid lip fillers, which, when overdone, can produce a large, exaggerated upper lip or "plastic" appearance of the overall lipscape. Trained board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Burns can tailor your look using a combination of dermal fillers like Restylane Kysse  or Juvederm Ultra to rejuvenate and restore natural-looking lip volume to the lower lip while performing the Dallas Lip Flip to re-contour and elevate the upper lip.


The Dallas Lip Flip Recovery

You will experience mild swelling and tightness from 1-2 weeks following your Dallas Lip Flip procedure, especially when combined with other nonsurgical lip enhancement procedures like dermal filler. The surgery can be combined with other facial cosmetic surgeries such as a brow lift, Facelift, neck lift, laser procedures, and most facial implants. 


Schedule Your Dallas Lip Flip Consultation

Dr. John Burns offers complimentary virtual and in-office consultations to help you decide if the Dallas Lip Flip is the right fit for your needs.  If you have a question, please message our team at or schedule your consult here.