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Most Common Questions About Mommy Makeovers

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, exciting occasions, but they can also lead to permanent changes in a woman’s body. Many moms wish there were a way to turn back the clock to their pre-pregnancy bodies. While it may not be possible to turn back time, it is possible to correct some of the unwanted changes caused by pregnancy. That’s where a mommy makeover comes in.

A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures. Which procedures you include depends on the needs and goals of the individual woman. For example, one woman might want a mini tummy tuck and a breast lift, another may choose breast augmentation and liposuction, and yet another may decide that buttock augmentation and vaginal rejuvenation are the right options for her. That’s the beauty of a mommy makeover; it can be whatever you need it to be, and it can give you the customized results you want.

Here are a few of the most common mommy makeover questions and their answers.

When is the best time to have a mommy makeover?

If you are planning to have more children, it may not be the right time for a mommy makeover. You can certainly still have more children after your procedure, but you’ll achieve better, lasting results if you do not become pregnant again after surgery. That’s because pregnancy can affect your results in ways you don’t want. For example, if you have a tummy tuck and then become pregnant, you may find that your abdomen reverts to the way it looked pre-surgery once your pregnancy is over.

For that reason, we recommend waiting until you do not plan to have any more kids before scheduling your procedures. If you know that you want to have more children later on but want to address some cosmetic issues now, you may still benefit from specific procedures, such as liposuction in the thigh area or a breast reduction. Keep in mind that a healthy diet and regular exercise remain just as important after a mommy makeover, both for your overall health and to help you maintain your beautiful results.

Can I breastfeed after a mommy makeover?

One of the FAQs we hear about mommy makeovers involves breastfeeding – namely, the woman’s ability to after her surgery. Although we strongly encourage women to schedule their mommy makeovers when they don’t plan to have any more children, there are situations in which a woman may choose to have another baby afterward or even become pregnant unexpectedly. Should this happen to you, you may naturally wonder whether you will be able to breastfeed your new baby.

If your mommy makeover does not include a breast procedure, then your ability to breastfeed should not be impacted. However, if you do have a breast lift, reduction, or augmentation, the answer to this question gets a little more complicated. Depending on your procedure, the surgeon may remove glandular tissue, cut nerves or milk ducts, or relocate the nipple, all of which can affect the ability of your breast to produce milk. Many women can breastfeed successfully after surgery; however, it cannot be guaranteed, and you should not assume that you will be able to when it comes to planning your family.

How do I choose the right procedures for me?

Another of the most common mommy makeover questions is about how to choose the right procedures. As mentioned, there are several possible options. You may select just one procedure, or two or three or more. The first step to choosing your procedures is to schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon in Dallas. Your surgeon can provide valuable information on which procedures may be right for you – for example, whether liposuction or a mini tummy tuck is the right choice to address that stubborn lower-belly fat, or whether a regular tummy tuck or a body lift is required to tighten sagging skin.

You should also consider what’s important to you and what your expectations are. You may be more concerned with the fat on your hips or outer thighs than with smaller-than-average breasts, for instance, or you may decide to go ahead and address both issues simultaneously. Talk to your surgeon about what procedures can correct the problems you’d like to correct and which ones they can perform together. You should leave your consultation with the information you need to make your decision, whether you make it there on the spot or not.

How long does it take to recover from a mommy makeover?

How long will it be before you can return to your routine? It depends on several factors – which procedures you have, how your body responds to surgery, how you take care of yourself during the recovery period, what type of work you do, and so on. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow that may include how to care for the surgical sites, what medications to take, how much rest to get and when to start light exercise, and when to follow up with them. You may need to take pain medications for some time; you may also have bandages or dressings in place for a while after your surgery.

Be sure to ask any questions you have about your recovery and how to best help your body heal itself. The length of your recovery is hard to predict, but in general, women can expect to need several weeks to recover fully from multiple procedures. Do keep in mind that even after you are back to your regular activities, it still may take several more months to see your final results.

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