The inner thigh area can be a concern for many patients and can cause problems such as rashes due to constant rubbing of the skin.  Excess skin is also a concern for many patient; especially those who have loss extensive amounts of weight.  Removing skin and fat through a well concealed incision in the groin crease can lift, slim, and shape the thigh.  An inner thigh incision is sometimes needed to tighten the thigh and create space between the thighs.  A thigh lift is often done in conjunction with a lower body lift.  For patients with minimal fat and good skin quality, liposuction can be a scarless alternative.

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Patient Focus 1

Procedures: Lower Body LIft including medial thigh lift and circumferential thigh liposuction

*All patients are unique and results may vary

Patient Focus 2

Procedures: Circumferential Thigh Liposuction

*All patients are unique and results may vary

Patient Focus 3

Procedures:  Limited Thigh Liposuction (Medial and Lateral Thighs)

*All patients are unique and results may vary


Length: 1- 3 hours (depending on the extent of the procedure) 
Anesthesia: General 

In/Outpatient: Inpatient or outpatient

Side Effects: Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain

Risks: Pain, bleeding, infection, incomplete improvement, contour irregularity, healing problems, blood clots

Recovery: Back to work: 1 - 2 weeks.  More strenuous activity: 2 - 3 weeks

Final Appearance: 1-2 months for swelling to resolve

Duration of Results: Permanent if stable weight maintained


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Body Contouring Plastic Surgery and Your BMI

Peer reviewed plastic surgery research indicates that the complication rates from breast and body contouring plastic surgery are much lower if your Body Mass Index is in the normal range.  For obese or morbidly patients, complication rates such as deep venous thrombosis, wound healing problems, and infection are much higher.  We encourage all of our patient to know their BMI and if at all possible achieve a normal BMI or at least < 30 before embarking on elective cosmetic surgery.  

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