Removing the implant is not as simple as just taking out the implant.  It is also important to remove all implant material including the silicone coat, silicone gel, and all associated scar tissue called the capsule.  The safest method of accomplishing this task is via the EnBloc technique where the scar tissue and implant are removed as one unit to ensure that all scar tissue is removed and any implant contents remain within the capsule.
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Patient Focus 4

Procedures: This patient had an implant removal (explantation) with breast lift by another surgeon.  She had fat transfer to each breast to add needed natural volume.  

*All patients are unique and results may vary


EnBloc Capsulectomy Videos


 EnBloc Capsulectomy Photos

EnBloc Capsulectomy in progress EnBloc Capsulectomy:  Removing the implant and capsule 
Photos showing implant and capsule:  EnBloc Photos showing implant with capsule removed.  NOTE:  Capsule is turned inside out.  


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