Buccal fat removal is designed to both slim and shape your face.  In youth, a round face is deemed attractive but as we age a more angular face is considered more attractive.  Aesthetic facial analysis reveals that in females a heart shaped face is most attractive while in males a square shape is preferred.
Female:  Heart Shape Male:  Square Shape
Patients with round or cherub cheeks have less prominent cheekbones and jaw profile.  Removing buccal fat slims the cheek creating a more angular and shapely facial aesthetics.  
Buccal fat is removed by making a small incision inside the mouth where the scar will never be seen.  Buccal fat is removed from inside the cheek in a symmetric and volume appropriate manner.  Dissolvable sutures are placed inside the cheek and patients will assume a full liquid diet for a week.   Swelling does occur but should be mostly resolved at about one month.  The result is a slimmer appearance to your cheeks with a smooth and scarless technique.
*All patients are unique and results may vary

All patients are unique and results may vary

Expectations and Recovery

Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Anesthesia: General (occasionally local with sedation) 

In/Outpatient: Outpatient

Side Effects: Temporary swelling and mild pain

Risks: Pain, bleeding, infection, rare damage to nerves, incomplete improvement

Recovery: Back to work: several days. Full liquid diet for 1 week

More strenuous activity: 2 weeks

Final Appearance: 1-2 months for swelling to completely resolve

Duration of Results: Fat is permanently removed