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 What To Do About Ozempic Butt

What To Do About Ozempic Butt

While it was originally designed to treat Type II Diabetes, Ozempic has become an enormously popular weight loss drug that delivers dramatic results. Many patients on Ozempic lose weight faster than what is normal for weight loss. Ozempic and Wegovy patients are also maintaining weight loss while on the drug.

When it comes to medications, side effects can be expected. But sometimes it can take us by surprise. Ozempic is a diabetes medication that has been linked to an unexpected side effect: Ozempic butt. Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, some people have experienced flat or a saggier-than-normal butt after taking the medication.

Today, we're talking about how to treat Ozempic Butt.

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What is Ozempic Butt?

It's no question that both welcome and unwelcome body changes often accompany rapid weight loss. Ozempic butt is the latest effect to be linked to the popular type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic. Users of the medication have reported a saggier butt as a result of the drug’s weight loss effects. While this is an uncommon side effect, experts say it can be attributed to such rapid weight loss due to Ozempic use.

The increase in popularity and use of Ozempic has led many social media users to share their experiences. Some of these include off-label usage for weight loss and associated adverse effects such as ‘Ozempic face’, and now ‘Ozempic butt’. 

Butt How, Exactly?

Weight loss comes with some unexpected body changes in the face, neck, abdomen, breasts, and also buttocks. What some don't realize is that Ozempic weight loss is not just confined to fat loss but also affects the muscles of the buttocks and muscles at other areas of the body. Patients using Ozempic for weight loss will have muscle loss that is proportionate to fat loss.

The buttock muscles

The butt has three very large supporting muscles which give it shape and size: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. When exercise is not prioritized during weight loss, there is a possibility that the metabolism may slow down further because the body will prioritize sacrificing lean muscle and fat at the same time.

Treatments for Ozempic Butt

Typically Ozempic butt is addressed in a couple of different ways.

Evolve Nonsurgical Body Contouring by InMode 

The butt muscles can also be strengthened with specific exercises that target the butt muscles. For accelerated results, we offer Evolve body contouring to cut down on hours one might traditionally spend in the gym trying to improve their butt.

More recently, effective nonsurgical technologies have been developed to stimulate muscle contraction and growth in areas like the butt, arms, and abs, etc. InMode's Evolve nonsurgical body contouring handpieces Tite, Trim, and Tone address skin remodeling, cellulite reduction, and muscle toning. Our experts at Epicentre administer this treatment for many men and women throughout Dallas and the U.S. 

Fat Transfer- Brazilian Butt Lift

 While fat stores in Ozempic patients are depleted, I'll use a technique called skimming with a device called VASER® ultrasound-assisted liposuction to harvest fat from multiple body areas. Skimming is ideal for patients who have benefited from weight loss but continue to have micro-stores of fat available for buttock contouring. For these patients, I'll take fat from the back, arms, abdomen, flanks, and thighs. I'll also contour the back and love handles to carve out a better transition between the lower back and the buttocks.

Lower Body Lift

In severe cases of Ozempic butt, the skin may need to be removed to lift the buttocks and tighten saggy skin after weight loss. This is done with a circumferential abdominoplasty where the tummy tuck incision is designed to include the lower back skin with a circumferential incision. This is sometimes called a lower body lift. 

Bottom Line: You've Got Options

While Ozempic does deliver impressive results in terms of weight loss, the toll on your buttocks might be an unexpected outcome. Adding fat with a BBL, strengthening the muscle, and perhaps even removing excess skin can shape a better buttocks after using the weight loss drug to crush your goals on the scale. 

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