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In Depth with Dr. Burns-
Your Breast Aug Consult

Scheduling Your Breast Implant Consult

A breast augmentation consultation is a crucial step in the process of considering and planning for breast augmentation surgery. During the initial consultation, you can expect a thorough discussion with Dr. Burns along with his clinic nurse to assess your goals, gather information about your medical history, and explore all options around giving you a beautiful outcome.  In today's blog, we're reviewing what you can expect during your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. John Burns.

Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Augmentation

Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation- Dr. John Burns MD, Dallas, Texas.png__PID:4f11389e-4151-4c2a-be97-736963a15ba6
  • Boost Self-Image
  • Disproportionately Small Breasts
  • Asymmetry: Size Difference between the Breasts
  • Weight Loss with Loss of Breast Size
  • Pregnancy Related Changes in Breast Size and Shape
  • Breast Deformities such as Tuberous Breast Shape
  • Positive Impact on Sex Life
  • Better Fitting Clother and More Clothing Options
  • Look Younger
  • Careful Consideration: The Benefits of the Procedure Outweight the Risks

Considerations You Must Make Before Surgery

What type of look do i want?

What Type of Look
Do I Want?

 You’ll likely have a certain “ideal” look for your breast augmentation. You might even have some “goal” photos to share. Many women want a natural teardrop shape with the goal of looking very natural, as if you were born with your breast implants. Some women desire a rounder look with more projection, upper pole fullness, and cleavage. Regardless, you’ll have a look that needs to be conveyed to us so that we can choose the perfect implant and technique for you. 

Consider your body frame and lifestyle

Body Frame &
Lifestyle Considerations

It is important to take into account your body and lifestyle. Your height and weight matter in choosing the perfect implant. More specific to the procedure are breast measurements such as the base diameter of your breast, nipple-to-fold distance, and distances from the collar bone to the nipples and between the nipples. These specific measurements help in choosing an implant that fits you perfectly.

An implant that is too big will likely either touch in the middle or project out to the side too much. Larger implants can also stretch the low pole skin making the implants sit too low. A perfectly sized implant will fit the base width of the breast and appear natural. Subtle variations can be made by choosing the projection and gel viscosity of the implant. Implants with higher projections give more roundness, upper pole fill, and cleavage whereas lower profile implants give a more natural and tear-drop shape. Likewise, the viscosity of the implant gel varies with a softer gel giving a more natural look and the firmer gel giving more upper pole fullness and roundness.

By taking all this into account, the implant can be perfectly matched to your body and tailored to give the exact look you want.

Do I like my shape or do I need a breast lift too?

Do I Like My Shape
or Do I Need A Lift?

Women who have been pregnant, lost weight, or are genetically predisposed may have breasts that sag or droop. We call this ptosis. In many cases, simply augmenting the breast with an implant will fill the loose skin and give a perky and lifted appearance. This works for mild cases of breast ptosis. However, in more severe cases a breast lift is generally indicated. Many women simply want a perky breast appearance which cannot be achieved with a breast augmentation alone. Knowing how much perkiness you want can help with this very important decision.

Learn more about getting breast implants with a lift here.

Breast Augmentation Dallas, Texas- Newsweek's Best Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Burns MD

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Breast Aug before and after- Dallas, Texas- Dr. John Burns.png__PID:cf0bb0eb-415d-44f1-87d1-f6c637b1caaa
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Here's What We Will Review In Your Consult

Medical History and Examination

It's important for us to know where you're living in terms of your overall health and wellness. During your time with us, we'll start by reviewing your medical history, including any previous surgeries, medical conditions, and medications. Dr. Burns will perform a physical examination of your breasts and take measurements. These will be conducted to assess factors such as breast shape, symmetry, skin quality, and nipple position.

Discussion of Goals

You'll have an opportunity to discuss your specific goals and expectations for breast augmentation. This includes desired breast size, shape, and overall aesthetic preferences. Goal photos are a huge help in casting vision for the type of breasts you’re looking for. We strive to create an atmosphere of clear communication where your expectations and concerns are understood so that we can deliver the results you desire most.

Before & After Photos

During your time with us, we'll review hundreds of before and after photos of breast augmentation by Dr. Burns so that  you have a thorough understanding of what's achievable for you.

Goal Photos Are A Great Help

Another good idea is to bring “goal photos” of what you would like to look like after the procedure. This gives Dr. Burns a good idea of what shape and size you like best. In almost all cases, Dr. Burns prefers the newest generation of silicone gummy bear implants. These are the most popular implants for a variety of reasons: durability, feel, look, and warranty. 

Implant Options

In your consult, we’ll review various implant options, including types (saline or silicone), shapes, sizes, and profiles. You’ll be able to touch, feel, and squeeze the implants to understand the different types of thicknesses of gel implants. We’ll make note of your overall anatomy and preferences so that you have breasts that match your goals and body type. In Dr. Burns' practice, we offer Natrelle Breast Implants because of their versatility and technology-driven innovation. 

Review Natrelle Breast Implants Here

Incision Placement Options

The placement of incisions for breast augmentation depends on various factors, including the patient's anatomy, the type of breast implants chosen, and the surgeon's preference. There are several common incision options for breast augmentation, each with its advantages and considerations. The main incision options include: inframammary, peri-areolar, trans-axillary, and trans-umbilical.

For more on incision types and it's relation to designing beautiful breast augmentation, read Breast Augmentation Scars: Why No One Has To Know

Implant Placement

Next we’ll review your options for implant placement, such as subglandular (above the chest muscle) or submuscular (partially or fully beneath the chest muscle). The choice may depend on factors like your anatomy, lifestyle, and desired aesthetic outcome.

Risks & Complications

Of course, we’ll address all of the potential risks and complications associated with breast augmentation. This include issues like infection, scarring, changes in nipple sensation, and the need for future revision surgery.

Recovery & Aftercare

It's important that you know what to expect in your healing. During your initial consult, you'll receive information about the recovery process, including postoperative care, activity restrictions, and the expected timeline for returning to normal activities. Expect even more detail at your pre-op appointment. We’ll review what to expect in terms of discomfort, swelling, and the gradual evolution of the results.

Review Dr. Burns' Rapid Recovery Breast Aug Here

Please Ask Questions!

You are encouraged to ask any questions or seek clarifications regarding the procedure, recovery, and any concerns you may have. We have some patients who bring their partner or best friend to join the consult as a second set of ears and to help ask questions too

Your Surgery Quote

Once your consult is complete , you will be given a quote that includes Dr. Burns' fees, O.R. and  anesthesia fees, and the cost of your implants. At this time, you'll visit with our surgical coordinator to review any questions you have around available surgery dates, place your deposit, and discuss financing if desired.

Choosing The Right Size

Choosing the perfect-sized implant is another confusing task and is not always fully explained by most plastics. Most patients communicate size with a “cup size:” A, B, C, or D. While these sizes are useful, they are not very precise. In the past, both patients and surgeons have tried many sizing options. Some measured cups of rice were placed into plastic bags as an implant substitute. Some surgeons will provide patients with bras stuffed with implants  to "try on" implants in the plastic surgeon's office. The problem with these methods is that they tend to overestimate the size as there is a lot of space around the implant and the bra adds volume as well. 

Breast Augmentation Measurements- Base Diameter- Dallas, TX.png__PID:1a537a4a-b5c1-4f3b-9ca5-28042ca7e73d

Virtual Simulation

Dr. Burns uses Crisalix software to simulate the potential outcomes of breast augmentation by digitally adding different implant sizes, shapes, and profiles. Patients can see the virtual representation of how their breasts might look with various implant options. The 3D imaging system allows patients to view the simulations from different angles, providing a comprehensive understanding of the potential changes to breast size and shape.

Dr. Burns can show you any size, implant shape, projection, and can even simulate a breast lift. You can choose from any size available and the photos will be sent to you for careful consideration. This methodology is much more accurate than trying on sizers or simply relying on a surgeon’s advice. In short, a picture is worth a thousand words and reviewing all your options makes this the best option for choosing size.

Comparisons & Adjustments

With our Crisalix 3D software, clients can compare multiple simulation options side by side, facilitating a direct visual comparison of different implant choices. Adjustments can be made in real-time, allowing patients and surgeons to fine-tune the simulation until the desired outcome is achieved.

Rapid Recovery So You Can Get Back To Life

With busy lives, it can be a challenge to find the time for any type of procedure. Fortunately, breast augmentation is a quick recovery. Dr. Burns practices Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation with a quick return to normal activity and work. When planning breast augmentation take into account any major life events such as travel, events such as parties or a wedding, work duties, etc. The first few days can be uncomfortable so give yourself plenty of time to fully heal before attempting your full, regular schedule. Keep in mind the initial recovery is not intense and can easily fit into a busy schedule.

We're Here When You're Ready

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We always stress the important of selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.

Dr. John Burns in Dallas, TX, employs both artistry and skill in using advanced techniques that go beyond mere surgery – we specialize in creating results that are as natural yet transforming. Our team is curated to provide you with passionate and compassionate care throughout your journey. We are your advocates for a beautiful outcome that you will enjoy for years.

Dr. Burns offers complimentary consultations for women considering breast augmentation  throughout the United States and the world.  

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