March 2024

From Screen To Sculpt:
Scheduling Your Virtual Consult with Dr. Burns

Thanks to virtual consultations, you now have the flexibility to consult with doctors outside of your immediate location, giving you access to a broader range of expertise that may better suit your needs. Virtual consultations have been a mainstay of our plastic surgery practice for well over 10 years now, as we serve many patients from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe who requested cosmetic rejuvenation from Dr. Burns.

The Perfect Solution For Out-of-Town Patients And Those with Busy Lives

Our virtual plastic surgery consultations are performed by Dr. John Burns. We've listed a summary of how the process happens:

-Contact our office via phone, email, or text.

-Submit your photos via email or through our online consultation portal.

-Our team will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation. Dr. Burns uses Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime. We also perform consults through WhatsApp for our international patients.

-After your consultation, Dr. Burns’ office manager will be in contact with you. She will have a quote based on the agreed-upon plan and can assist with scheduling and travel arrangements if necessary.

What You Can Expect

During an online consultation with Dr. Burns, patients can expect the opportunity to discuss their concerns and ask any questions they have about their procedures of interest. Dr. Burns will listen attentively to your interests and concerns, gather important information about your medical history, and provide recommendations or suggestions based on the information shared.

For cosmetic surgery concerns specifically, an online consultation can be incredibly beneficial for both you and our team. During your consult, you'll have the opportunity to receive valuable information about your procedures and concerns on a day, time, and location that suits your schedule, while allowing you to learn more about Dr. Burns' skills, experience, and recommendations. It's important that we have a thorough understanding of your vision so Dr. Burns can translate his techniques to a beautiful outcome that is uniquely yours.

Here's What We'll Review

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You'll navigate to our website and begin by completing your online consultation questionnaire.

Patients will complete some basic demographic information as well. The consult will be scheduled via Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime. Dr. Burns will evaluate your case and make recommendations based on your wants and needs. Often, photos are submitted before the consultation to be reviewed with Dr. Burns.

Your Consult Is Complimentary

We understand the time it takes to research, plan, and vet out your choice of plastic surgeon. We make every effort to give you the ability to determine what you need and desire in a timeframe that makes sense for you. It's why we offer complimentary consultations with Dr. Burns. You deserve to have a comfort level with your surgeon, and we want you to be both comfortable and excited to meet with Dr. Burns!

Medical History

As part of your consultation, Dr. Burns will review your medical history to make sure you are a safe and appropriate candidate for the procedure you want. Sometimes a medical clearance will be needed to make sure your primary care physician is aware and can make necessary recommendations for your care.


Before your consult with Dr. Burns, we will ask you to upload photos of your anatomy to review during your time together.

In addition to paperwork, having goal photos can also be beneficial during your consultation. Depending on your procedures of interest, Dr. Burns may ask for clear pictures of your face from different angles to assess your facial structure and recommend appropriate procedures. For breast augmentation patients, having pictures of the results you are looking for can help convey your aesthetic goals more effectively. By sharing images of the outcomes you desire, Dr. Burns will have a thorough understanding of your expectations and tailor his recommendations to align with your vision for enhancement. As part of your consult, Dr. Burns will review his before/after photos with you as well to discuss similar cases and expected outcomes.

Lighting & Device Cameras

Before booking a virtual consultation with Dr. Burns, run a brief check on your camera devices to ensure it's working correctly. One of the key components to verify is the lens on your camera. Make sure it is clean so that Dr. Burns can see you clearly during the consultation.

For laptops, make sure your webcam is enabled. It's crucial to address any technical issues beforehand to ensure a smooth and successful virtual consultation experience.

Find A Quiet Space

When scheduling a consultation with a surgeon, it is important to establish a comfortable and quiet environment for the meeting. This can help ensure clear communication between both parties and prevent any distractions that may interfere with the consultation process. Whether you are conducting the consultation at home or in an office setting, make sure to choose a location that is free from excessive background noise and other distractions.

Make A List of Questions

Bring a list of questions to your consultation to make sure Dr. Burns can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. In addition to the procedure you are interested in, many patients have questions about recovery, the facility, anesthesia, necessary supplies, garments, scar care, and such. Having a handy list is helpful so that you don’t forget anything.


Dr. Burns most commonly uses Google Meet or FaceTime for Video Chat. We use WhatsApp or Zoom to video conference with our patients who live outside of the United States.

Look Forward To Sharing Your Vision!

Our virtual consults are typically scheduled at the end of our clinic or surgery day to make sure that there are no interruptions. They are scheduled by his office staff. You will get a reminder text before the consult.

After Your Complimentary Consult with Dr. Burns in Dallas

Get A Surgical Quote

After the consultation, Dr. Burns’ office manager will follow up with a quote and scheduling information if you are interested. You are always welcome to ask follow-up questions that come to mind.


Dr. Burns’ office does participate in several third-party financing companies which are easy to use. You can apply online at your convenience.

We Can't Wait To Meet You!

Dr. John Burns MD- Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute President

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