May 2024

Enhancing Breast Surgery: The Internal Bra

The Internal Bra, also known as the mesh or internal mesh bra, is transforming breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries. This innovative technique involves placing a mesh material to provide essential support to breast tissue, ensuring long-lasting results and reducing the risk of complications.

Designed To Lift and Support

The primary goal of the Internal Bra is to lift and support the breasts after surgery. Whether it's a breast augmentation or a breast lift, gravity can take its toll on breast tissue over time. Implants in augmentation procedures or tissue rearrangement in lifts can cause stretching of the lower pole skin, resulting in implants sitting low or the breasts appearing droopy. By incorporating the Internal Bra, surgeons can secure breast tissue in a lifted position, preventing undue pressure on the skin and ensuring a more youthful appearance.

Ideal Candidates

Patients with poor skin quality and droopy breasts are prime candidates for the Internal Bra. Factors such as multiple pregnancies or significant weight fluctuations often contribute to thin skin that stretches easily. Even individuals with genetically poor skin quality can benefit from the added support provided by the Internal Bra. However, it's important to note that even patients with good skin elasticity can enjoy the perks of this technique, as it serves as insurance against premature breast sagging.

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Understanding The Materials


Two primary brands dominate the Internal Bra market: Galaflex and Durasorb. These materials, made from biodegradable polymers, gradually dissolve over time while supporting the healing process. As the mesh dissolves, the body replaces it with scar-like tissue, forming a durable support system that extends the longevity of the results.

Longevity and Worth

The lifespan of the Internal Bra varies depending on factors such as material type and thickness, typically lasting from several months to several years. Despite the additional cost associated with the procedure, patients find the investment worthwhile, as it ensures their results remain perky and lifted for an extended period. For those seeking long-term satisfaction and peace of mind, the Internal Bra is a valuable addition to their surgical journey.

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Breast Revision using Galaflex by Dr. John Burns MD in Dallas, Texas

Breast Revision with Galaflex
Breast Revision with Galaflex
Breast Revision with Galaflex
Breast Revision with Galaflex

Considering the Cost

While the Internal Bra incurs an additional fee, approximately $2500 on average, many patients deem it a worthy investment in their aesthetic goals and confidence. With its ability to provide vital support and enhance the longevity of results, the Internal Bra offers considerable benefits that outweigh its financial implications.

In conclusion, the Internal Bra revolutionizes breast surgery by offering a solution for maintaining perky and lifted breasts. Whether you're considering a breast lift, augmentation, or a combination of both, discussing the benefits of the Internal Bra with your plastic surgeon can lead to enhanced outcomes and increased satisfaction. Don't hesitate to explore this innovative technique and discover its transformative potential for your aesthetic journey.

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