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Buccal Fat Removal:  Slim Your Face
Buccal fat removal is designed to remove fat from your cheeks in a smooth and scarless manner.  While chubby cheeks might be cute for younger children, most adults don't want round, cherub cheeks.
Facial aesthetic studies indicate that a heart shaped face is most attractive in females and a square shape most attractive in men.  
Female:  Heart Shape Male:  Square Shape
Removing buccal fat will slim the cheek area thereby accentuating the cheekbones and jaw line.  Thinning the cheeks will have the affect of making a females face more heart shaped and a male more square which is the desired effect.
Removing buccal fat involves making a small incision inside the mouth and then gently extracting buccal fat in equal amounts from each side.  Dissolvable sutures are placed into the cheek and patients will follow a full liquid diet for a week after the procedure.  Swelling does occur but should be mostly resolved at about one month.  The result is a slimmer appearance to your cheeks with a smooth and scarless technique.