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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Breast Implants:
Part IV: Implant Profiles 

Implant Profiles

Between working out, getting dressed, and changing in and out of clothes at the end of the day, it's common for women to scrutinize their body contours multiple times a day, especially their breast and waistline areas. It's why I have hundreds of women visit my practice every year to discuss breast augmentation. One of the most exciting parts of debuting breast augmentation results (for the patient and me) is the new and improved breast silhouette that comes with having surgery. Today, we're reviewing an important factor in choosing the perfect pair of breast implants: selecting the right breast implant profile. 

Recapping Key Breast Augmentation Tips 

This blog is the 4th installment on finding the perfect pair of breast implants for breast augmentation. So far in our series we've reviewed:

Part 1: saline breast implants versus silicone gel breast implants

Part 2: smooth versus textured breast implants

Part 3: breast implant shape: round versus teardrop breast implants

By now, it's clear to see the number of choices you have in getting a beautiful breast augmentation. There are countless decisions and micro-decisions your board-certified plastic surgeon will make in your breast augmentation surgery. And because every woman is as unique as her aesthetic goals and individual body type, every surgical plan is different too. Breast implant profile plays a huge part in getting your outcome right, and it's important to rely on the guidance of your experienced plastic surgeon.Let's review everything you need to know about implant profiles so you have the education you need to discover what's right for you.

What Is Breast Implant Profile?

Natrelle Breast Implant Profiles

Profile measures the height of an implant when it is resting on a flat surface. Most manufacturers offer 5 types of implant profiles with slight differences in the nomenclature:

-low-profile, and low-plus (minimal projection)
-moderate profile
-full (high) profile, and
-extra-full (high) profile (maximum projection)

You can imagine that a woman's body type (petite women with narrow chest wall, narrow base; average body type with wider base, etc.) will impact the sizes and projections available to them.For a given base diameter (width of the natural breast from side-to-side and top-to-bottom), the volume (cc’s) of an implant would increase with an increasing profile. In your augmentation consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon, measurements will be taken to determine the height and width available in your natural breast anatomy so that you can be assigned a range of implants that will "fit" your figure. The width of your chest is called the base diameter. Generally speaking, women with a wider base diameter typically require more volume to create beautiful projection with their implants.

Keep in mind, in most cases, your implants will be either completely (submuscular) or partially (dual-plane) underneath your pectoralis muscles, not on top of your breast tissue. I like to mention this because using breast implant sizers and try-on bras doesn't always give you an accurate representation of what your breast augmentation results will look like.

Before & After Breast Augmentation by Dr. John Burns

Types of Breast Implant Profiles

Low Profile Implants

Low profile implants are the most conservative and enhance the breast the least for a given base diameter. When viewing these implants, they appear flat and provide a very minimal amount of projection. These profiles generally give a cup size or less volume increase.

Low-Plus Profile: Low-plus profile falls within the conservative range, producing a cup or slightly more volume increase at a given base diameter.

Moderate Profile Implants

Moderate projection implants typically the most frequently selected profile. They help to shape moderate cleavage while still maintaining a natural appearance. Moderate profile implants give about a cup-and-a-half volume increase for a given base diameter.

Full (High) Profile Implants

Full or high profile implants hold a generous amount of gel for their given base diameter. This is seen visually with more upper pole fullness, roundness, and cleavage with less of a tear-drop or natural shape. Women who desire an augmented look typically choose full-profile implants. They generally give about 2 cup size increases or more for a given base diameter.

Extra Full, High, Ultra-High Profile Implants

These  implants hold the most gel for a given base diameter and give a very augmented look with maximum upper pole fill, roundness, and cleavage. Women who want the most volume choose extra full-profile implants. High profile implants and ultra-high profile implants generally produce about a 3-cup size increase for a given base diameter. Another way to think about this profile is that it keeps the volume of the implant centered on the chest, resulting in a more dramatic transformation.

Visit Implant Manufacturers for More: Allergan, Mentor, & Sientra.


Athletic Breast Augmentation

Athletic Aug

Profile Takeaways

In simple terms, to remember why implant profile should matter to you:

The higher the profile, the:
-More projection
-Less lateral fullness or "side boob"
-More upper pole fullness
-More cleavage

Lower profiles give a softer, less augmented look with:
-Less upper pole fullness, more "teardrop"
-More lateral fullness for a given volume
-Less upper pole fill
-Less cleavage

When choosing an implant, make sure to understand both the volume and the profile.

Augmentation Results

Envisioning Profiles On Your Body Type

Most women want their breast enhancement to look natural, so taking detailed measurements of the breast anatomy and having a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon about your natural breast tissue and breast size will ensure you have an aesthetic that matches your body shape. When consulting at my plastic surgery practice for breast augmentation surgery, patients have an opportunity to virtually "try on" implants in their initial consultation. Our technology called Crisalix, helps women envision the variations in profiles, sizes, and styles before having surgery.

Whether you're considering saline implants or silicone gel implants, your breast appearance will be affected by a range of breast implant options. If you're wanting a subtle look, prominent cleavage, or even somewhere in between, be sure to have clear conversation about your cosmetic goals with your board-certified plastic surgeon so you get the perfect pair of implants for you.

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