Breast implants are not permanent medical devices.  In fact, it is suggested to remove or remove and replace your beast implants every 10 years.  There are many reasons women want to have their implants and breast implant capsules removed:
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Deflation/Rupture
  • Illness
  • Change in Body Image
  • Breast Ptosis (sagging)
  • Normal Aging Process


A breast implant will have a layer of scar tissue around the implant which is known as a capsule.  Breast implant capsules are graded on a scale which is known as the Baker scale

Baker Grade I

the breast is normally soft and appears natural in size and shape

Baker Grade II

the breast is a little firm, but appears normal

Baker Grade III

the breast is firm and appears abnormal

Baker Grade IV

the breast is hard, painful to the touch, and appears abnormal


Muscle Repair

 Most breast implants are placed below the chest muscle, pectoralis major.  The implant lifts the muscle off the chest wall.  With explantation, the muscle will be flat against the chest wall but not secured to it's insertion at the sternum or inframammory breast crease.  If not reattached the muscle can retract creating an animation or windowshading deformity when flexing the muscle.  By reattaching or repairing the muscle, animation deformity can be largely prevented.  This is necessary only in submuscular augmentation.

Patient Focus 1

Procedures:  Bilateral implant removal/explant of breast implants with muscle repair.

*All Patients are Unique and Results May Vary

Patient Focus 2

Procedures: Patient with rupture of silicone implant on right side.  Bilateral implant removal/explant of in tact left implant and ruptured right implant with muscle repair.
*All Patients are Unique and Results May Vary

Patient Focus 3

Procedures:  Bilateral implant removal/explant of breast implant with muscle repair.

*All Patients are Unique and Results May Vary



Length: 1 hour depending on procedure

Anesthesia: General or local conscious sedation

In/Outpatient: Outpatient

Side Effects: Temporary swelling, mild bruising and some pain

Risks: Pain, bleeding, infection, asymmetry

Recovery: Back to work:  2 days to 1 week.  More strenuous activity:  1 - 3 weeks

Final Appearance:  2 - 3 months  for skin to retract and breasts to assume final shape

Duration of Results:  Implant removal is permanent.  Associated procedures such as breast lift or fat grafting will change over time.

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