Breast augmentation in athletic women pose several unique challenges.  Athletic women tend to be thin with very little natural breast tissue.  In addition, choosing the perfect implant size to allow full return to activity and minimize implant movement with exercise.
Natural results:  Most athletic women want to look natural in athletic clothing such as a Yoga top or Sports Bra.  Eliminating a lot of upper pole fullness with an anatomic style implant will give a softer and more natural look.
Correct size to allow full athletic function:  Implants come in different volumes (sizes) and profiles.  Using 3D photo imaging, patients will see exactly what they will look like after the procedure so they can choose the perfect implant.  3D imaging eliminates the guess work giving a perfect size match each and every time.
Minimize anamation deformity:  With contraction of the chest muscle the implant can move in unnatural ways.  Careful division of the chest muscle and use of a form stable implant can virtually eliminate any unnatural movements with exercise.
Eliminate rippling:  Form stable cohesive implants hold their shape in response to gravitational forces.  The cohesive gel also resists visible rippling which can be a problem in thinner women.

Dr. Burns is one of the nation's leading breast augmentation surgeons.  Dr. Burns practices a Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Protocol designed to limit recovery time and optimize the result.  Most patients can return to work in a few days and resume light exercise in a week.

For most cases, Dr. Burns recommends Natrelle Breast Implants from Allergan.  Dr. Burns participates in the Allergan Brillian Distinctions Program where you will receive discounts on all Allergan products such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Vobella, Kybella, Botox, Natrelle Breast Implants, Latisse, and Skin Medica skin care products.  With your Allergan implant purchase you and a friend will receive a complementary Botox treatment through the Brilliant Distinctions program.

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Patient Focus 1

Procedures: Breast Augmentation:  Form Stable Cohesive Anatomic Style Breast Implants

*All patients are unique and results may vary

Patient Focus 2

Procedures: Breast Augmentation:  Form Stable Cohesive Anatomic Style Breast Implants

*All patients are unique and results may vary

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Procedures: Breast Augmentation:  Form Stable Cohesive Anatomic Style Breast Implants

*All patients are unique and results may vary



Length:  1 hour
Anesthesia: General (occasionally local with sedation in select cases)
In/Outpatient: Outpatient
Side Effects: Temporary swelling, mild bruising, and some pain
Risks:   Pain, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, implant failure, scarring around the implant (capsular contracture)
Recovery:   Back to work:  2 days to 1 week.  More strenuous activity:  1 - 3 weeks
Final Appearance:   4 - 6 weeks for implants to completely descend into the final position
Duration of Results:   The average lifespan of a breast implant is 10 years and implants may need to be replaced in a relatively minor procedure
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View Your Results In 3D Before Your Procedure


3D Photographic Simulations by Crisalix

Dr. Burns uses Crisalix 3D photographic imaging to simulate your breast augmentation result before your procedure so you can be sure you are choosing the perfect size.  Complementary 3D imaging is included with your complementary consultation.  The technology allows you to control for implant size (volume), implant shape (round or anatomic), and profile (implant projection).  The results can be sent to your email after the consultation to help you choose the perfect implant before the procedure.

Online Consultation with 3D Simulation by Crisalix

Alternatively, Dr. Burns can do the 3D photographic simulations via an online consultation.  This simple consultation can be done by submitting basic information and 3 photographs via our HIPPA compliant online consultation form.  

Dr. Burns will generate 3D images and answer any questions about the procedure that you have.  This option is ideal for patients who are out of town or prefer the privacy on an online consultation. 

Online Consultation Template for 3D Simulations

Left Side View

Include shoulders to waist

Front  View

Include shoulders to waist

Arms slightly out

Right Side View

Include shoulers to waist