Breast augmentation can enhance your appearance and boost your self-image. Breast augmentation continues to be one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States every year. In 2016 there were over 400,000 procedures performed. A Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery study, May 2013, has shown that 98% of women who have had breast augmentation surgery report that the outcomes met or exceeded what they expected from the procedure.

No two breasts are exactly the same size and shape but the amount of the asymmetry varies greatly.  More dramatic differences in breast size can cause problems with both appearance and clothing options.  Correcting size differences is generally done with saline implants because the amount of fluid in the implant can be controlled.  Differences in nipple position and shape may require combination procedures such as a breast lift.

Dr. Burns is one of the nation's leading breast augmentation surgeons.  Dr. Burns practices a Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Protocol designed to limit recovery time and optimize the result.  Most patients can return to work in a few days and resume light exercise in a week.

For most cases, Dr. Burns recommends Natrelle Breast Implants from Allergan.  Dr. Burns participates in the Allergan Brillian Distinctions Program where you will receive discounts on all Allergan products such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Vobella, Kybella, Botox, Natrelle Breast Implants, Latisse, and Skin Medica skin care products.  With your Allergan implant purchase you and a friend will receive a complementary Botox treatment through the Brilliant Distinctions program.



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Patient Focus 1

Procedures: Breast Asymmetry


Breast augmentation with crescent (periareolar) breast lift on right side.





Case 2

Breast augmentation, lower breast crease on left.



Case 3

Breast augmentation, lower breast crease on left.





1 Hour


General or local with sedation


Out Patient


Temporary swelling, mild bruising, and some pain


Pain, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, implant failure, scarring around the implant (capsular contracture)


Back to work: 3 days to 1 week More strenuous activity: 2 - 3 weeks


6 - 8 weeks for implants to completely descend into the final position


Permanent: the average lifespan of a breast implant is 10 years and implants may need to be replaced in a relatively minor procedure.