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Botox Lip Flip: The Secret To A Subtly Perfect Pout 

What Is A Botox Lip Flip?

The Botox lip flip (a.k.a. philtrum botox) is a popular cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the upper lip by making it appear fuller and more defined. Unlike traditional dermal fillers designed to enhance the lips, a Botox lip flip uses botulinum toxin injections to relax the muscles around the mouth, causing the upper lip to roll slightly outward. This subtle adjustment creates the illusion of a plumper lip without adding volume, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more natural look.

How Does Botox Work

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles by blocking the signals from nerves to the muscles. When injected in small amounts, Botox prevents the targeted muscle from contracting. This mechanism allows Botox to smooth out wrinkles, relax frown lines, and, in the case of a lip flip, adjust the position of the upper lip.

How Botox Creates the Lip Flip Look

During a Botox lip flip procedure, small amounts of Botox are injected into the orbicularis oris muscle, which encircles the mouth. Specifically, the injections are placed near the vermilion border (the line between the red part of the lips and the adjacent skin). This targeted injection relaxes the muscle just above the upper lip, causing the lip to roll slightly outward and upward. The result is a more pronounced and slightly fuller-looking upper lip, alleviating a gummy smile, without the need for fillers. This technique is particularly effective for those who want a subtle enhancement rather than a dramatic change.

Who Can Benefit From Getting A Botox Lip Flip? 

A Botox lip flip is suitable for a variety of individuals, including:


Those With A Thin Upper Lip

People who feel that their upper lip disappears when they smile can benefit from a lip flip, which helps to maintain a visible and fuller upper lip when smiling.


Those with Vertical Lip Lines

Women with vertical lip lines are helped by relaxing the upper lip muscles, which smooths out the wrinkles and creates a fuller, more youthful appearance.


Those With A Gummy Smile

hose with a gummy smile are helped by relaxing the upper lip muscles, allowing the lip to cover more of the gums when smiling.


Those Seeking Subtle Enhancement

For individuals who want a more natural enhancement compared to the more voluminous look of lip fillers, a lip flip offers a gentle and understated improvement.


First-time Cosmetic Patients

Those new to cosmetic procedures may prefer the minimally invasive and reversible nature of a Botox lip flip as an introduction to aesthetic treatments.

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Older Patients with Lip Lines

Aging patients typically have thin lips with vertical lip lines called smoker's lines. The botox can both enhance the lip as described above and help to reduce lip lines as well.

How Many Units of Botox Does It Take for a Lip Flip?

The number of Botox units required for a lip flip is relatively small compared to other Botox treatments. Typically, 4 to 6 units of Botox are used, divided between the injection sites above the upper lip. The exact number of units can vary based on individual anatomy and desired results, and a qualified practitioner will tailor the dosage to achieve the optimal outcome. It is important not to over-inject the lip with too much Botox as this can cause problems with lip muscle function. In this case, a little goes a long way.

A Simple and Easy Procedure for All Ages

One of the key advantages of Botox lip injections is its simplicity and accessibility. The procedure is quick, often taking less than 10 minutes to complete. It requires no anesthesia, although a topical numbing cream can be applied to minimize any discomfort. The downtime is minimal, with most patients able to return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. Minor swelling or bruising at the injection site can occur but typically resolves within a few days.

Botox lip injections are not considered an invasive procedure, making it an appealing option for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re a young adult seeking a slight enhancement or someone looking to address age-related lip thinning, a lip flip can provide a subtle improvement with minimal commitment.

How Long Does Botox Last and How Often Does It Need to Be Repeated?

The effects of a Botox lip flip are temporary, generally lasting about 2 to 4 months. The duration can vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism, muscle activity, and lifestyle. Because the results are not permanent, the procedure can be repeated every few months to maintain the desired look.

For those considering long-term maintenance, it’s important to maintain a follow-up treatment plan at regular intervals. Many patients find that as they continue with periodic Botox injections, the results can last longer, requiring fewer touch-ups over time.


The Botox lip flip is an excellent option for anyone seeking a subtle yet effective enhancement to their upper lip without having an augmentation with fillers. By leveraging the muscle-relaxing properties of Botox, this procedure offers a quick, minimally invasive way to achieve a more pronounced and attractive pout. With benefits such as minimal downtime, suitability for a wide range of individuals, and the ability to maintain results with periodic treatments, the Botox lip flip is a versatile and appealing choice in the realm of cosmetic enhancements. If you’re looking to enhance your smile without the commitment of fillers, a Botox lip flip might be the perfect solution.

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