Breast Lift with Implant

Sagging of the breast occurs naturally as the skin loses its elasticity, and can be accelerated by pregnancy and breast feeding. Sagging of the breast is known as ptosis and is graded on the position of the nipple relative to the lower breast crease (inframmary crease). Depending on the severity of breast ptosis, the incision required to lift the breast will vary. If only a few centimeters are needed, the incision can be confined to the areola (periaeolar) or around the areola with a vertical extension (vertical mastopexy).

If a more significant lift is needed, a “keyhole” incision with a vertical and horizontal extension is necessary. A breast lift may be combined with breast augmentation to restore both size and shape. A well-done breast lift will restore the nipple to its natural position, remove excess skin to shape the breast, and minimize scarring as much as possible.

Breast Lift without Implant 

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