Clear + Brilliant — Laser facial rejuvenation with less downtime!

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. John Burns says Clear + Brilliant is an innovative new non-ablative laser treatment now available at EpiCentre, his state-of-the art skincare clinic.  This new laser is from Solta, the makers of the incredibly effective and wildly-popular Fraxel lasers. 

Clear and Brilliant is uniquely positioned as a non-ablative alternative to those who desire the facial rejuvenation effects from today’s laser treatments, but with minimal downtime.  Clear + Brilliant is similar to the Fraxel Re:Store Dual laser, but has the advantage of less recovery time.  It is ideal for those seeking refreshed skin, without the temporary redness and swelling that is associated with more aggressive treatments like the Fraxel Re:Store laser.  Many of Dr. Burns’ patients do a Clear + Brilliant treatment to refresh their skin before special events such as important parties or weddings.

Clear + Brilliant will improve skin tone, texture, pore size, and color.  It is not effective for wrinkles or to tighten the skin.  For patients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, Clear +  Brilliant is a great way to maintain youthful, radiant skin, and to reverse early signs of aging.  Dr.  Oz recently featured the Clear and Brilliant laser on his show, as have numerous other TV shows and news channels.  To make an appointment for a Clear + Brilliant laser treatment at EpiCentre, simply call the clinic at 214-887-1577, or send them an email through their website.

Here are two “before and after” photos from Solta:

Clear + Brilliant Before After photo2
Clear + Brilliant Before After photo1
Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. John Burns, a member of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and a nationally-recognized laser expert, welcomes the opportunity to discuss facial rejuvenation procedures and other cosmetic goals with you.  Before and after photos are available on his website.   To make an appointment, simply call his office at 214-515-0002, or send an email through his website.  Online consultations are also available.  Dr. Burns and his staff look forward to meeting you!

Published by Dr. John Burns on August 4, 2012
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